The Ignacio Pinazo Chair aims to publish and conduct educational activities in order to help disseminate the artistic work of the artist Ignacio Pinazo and the origins of modern art in Valencia and Spain. It will promote integrated research on the work of Pinazo and the origins of modern art, and will train research staff for rigorous scientific research. Likewise, the Chair will publish research projects and results, organise national and international conferences and congresses as well as create a line of publications to raise awareness of the work of the artist Ignacio Pinazo and Valencian art between 1880 and 1940.

The Chair has an Advisory Board composed of UV and IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art) representatives. Its headquarters are located in the IVAM.

Chair activities may be funded by the patronage of third parties, although the IVAM is committed to fund the activities stated in the agreement with an annual contribution of up to 30,000€. This agreement will come into effect upon signing, with a one-year minimum duration, renewable in equal time periods and by implied agreement if the agreement is not terminated the month of its expiry by any of the parties.

This act, which was represented by a family member, Ignacio Pinazo’s great-grandson – José Ignacio Casar Pinazo and his wife, Asunción Tena – was attended by: the Vice Rector of Communication and Institutional Relations at the University of Valencia, Silvia Barona; the IVAM financial-administrative director, Juan Carlos Lledó; and History of Art professor, Javier Pérez Rojas, one of the initiators of this agreement and who is without a doubt the greatest expert on the work of the artist Ignacio Pinazo. Also attending from the Department of History of Art were the professors José Luis Alcaide and Luis Arciniega, Director of the Chair.

Esteban Morcillo has shown institutional pride and recognition for everything the great artist, Ignacio Pinazo, represents. “Having an institutional chair bearing the name of one of the most renowned Valencian artists proves once again the value of academic heritage that a university with over 500 years of history, the Universitat de València, brings to Valencian society”.

IVAM Exhibition: “Ignacio Pinazo. El humo del amor.” (The smoke of love)


Directors: Felipe Jerez Moliner and F.Javier Pérez Rojas