Articles 10.3 and 20.5 of the UV Electoral Regulations authorise to the Electoral Commission UV to make available computer resources for the support for the campaigns of the different candidatures in the Principal elections. The use of these resources may imply the processing of personal data on the following grounds:

  • Institutional sending of electoral messages supervised by Electoral Commission.
  • Spaces for interaction, in the form of opinions, suggestions or any type of participation in the campaign blogs provided to each candidature.
  • Official lists of distribution of candidatures.
  • Messages by reference in institutional social networks of the Universitat.
  • Use of social network profiles recognised by the Electoral Commission

The Universitat de València is considered responsible for all these resources. Their use will be regulated by the privacy political of the Universitat de València, with the following specific rules:

  1. Purpose limitation
    • These resources will only be used in the context of Principal elections under the terms of UV Electoral Regulations.
  2. Obligatory nature
    • Members of the university community with an assigned official mail account will receive electoral information in the established terms by the Electoral commission. This treatment is considered necessary for the compliance of a legal obligation applicable to the person responsible of the treatment, as well as the concurrence of a public interest protected by Article 23 of the Spanish Constitution.
    • A follow on social networks, the participation in a blog or inscription on a specific mailing list are needed a professed intention. This implies consent for the treatments allowing the user to withdraw it.
  3. Conservation period
    • The sending of official messages and the official blogs will be preserved during the necessary period for the development of the electoral campaign.
    • The conservation for a longer period for reasons related to historical or research value will be done by uploading the information or passing the information to the Intranet, eliminating its indexability if necessary.
    • In the case of social networks, the conservation of information will be governed by the privacy policy of each of them.
    • The general provisions of the Universitat de València Privacy Policy shall apply to that which is not provided for in this section.