The Universitat de València informs the users of this payment gateway of the following:

Legal status and aims: In accordance with Article 2 of its Statutes, the Universitat de València is a public-law institution with its own legal personality and assets and, in accordance with Article 27.10 of the Spanish Constitution, it enjoys autonomy within the framework of the provisions of the Organic Law on Universities. The Universitat de València is responsible for providing the public service of higher education.

Registered address:
Universitat de València
Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, 13
46010 València

Purpose of the service: The Banco Santander's online payment gateway can be used to pay the academic fees for enrolment on official courses, university-specific degrees or activities or courses offered by the Student Services, the University Extension Service, the Lifelong Learning Service, the Language Policy Service  and Sports Service of the Universitat de València. The use of this payment platform implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service. If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions, you should refrain from accessing any of the pages of the online payment gateway.

The use of this service for a purpose other than that set forth in this section, or for illegal purposes, or for purposes which may damage, prevent, deteriorate and/or overload the normal operation of this service, is prohibited.

Cardholders are responsible for transactions made on this online payment gateway (data entry is done securely with SSL protocol).


Electronic payment methods: The Universitat de València does not store the details of the credit cards used for online payment, unless expressly authorised by you for  completing this or other payment operations at a later date.

The Universitat de València uses a secure payment gateway provided by Banco Santander which ensures communications integrity by using sufficiently secure means. Payment is made using the 3D Secure security protocol to allow payer authentication in online transactions, which helps to prevent fraud in the use of cards. During the payment process, cardholder authentication will be required by the card-issuing bank's own verification mechanisms.

The charge will be made in real time through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution, once the authenticity of the data provided has been verified. To ensure maximum security, we use secure payment systems from leading financial institutions in e-commerce. In this sense, confidential payment data are transmitted directly and in encrypted form (TSL, Transport Layer Security) to the corresponding financial institution.

Types of cards allowed: The types of card allowed are Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards. 
The cardholder understands that the card must be associated with a bank account with sufficient funds to debit the entire amount and that the card must be authorised by the issuing bank to make Internet payments.

Minimum age: The minimum age for requesting the services provided through this payment gateway is 18.

Transaction currency: The transaction currency for the services purchased is the euro (€).

Multi-currency DCC Service: The Multi-currency DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) Service is offered for cards issued in currencies other than the euro. It allows the cardholder to pay in euros or in the currency of their card and informs of the details of the DCC transaction. The Banco de Santander payment gateway will inform the cardholder of the currencies accepted at any given time. When the cardholder uses a card issued in a currency accepted by the DCC Service, the payment gateway will offer the possibility of paying in euro or in the currency of the card and will specify the amount of the transaction in euro, the corresponding value in the currency of the card, the exchange rate applied and any applicable fees.

Return policy

It is possible to request a refund of fees unduly charged, or for justified reasons (cancellation of enrolment before 31 December due to force majeure, awarding of a grant after payment...).

In case of refunds of fees for activities related to the Sports Service, they must be processed from the following link

For the rest of returns, the request will be made through Online Office UV

Data protection:

The personal data provided through this service will be incorporated into the relevant information systems of the Universitat de València for the purposes of processing and managing the payment of fees, in accordance with Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December.

Data subjects have the right to request from the data controller access to and rectification or erasure of their personal data or restriction of processing, or to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability. Data subjects may exercise their rights by sending an e-mail to from an official UV e-mail address, or by sending a written request accompanied by a copy of an identity document and, where appropriate, by supporting documentation, to the academic delegate for data protection at the Universitat de València (Delegació de Protecció de Dades de la Universitat de València, Edifici de Rectorat, Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 13, 46010 València).

For more information regarding data processing, see the privacy policy at the UV:

The Universitat de València does not store, process or transmit any payment card or cardholder data: card number, cardholder, expiry date, service code, cardholder electronic signature or authentication code, magnetic stripe data or bank account associated with the card.