The personal information provided by users may be communicated to third parties in the cases set out in the Organic Law 3/2018 on data protection and digital rights guarantee and its enforcing regulations, in all cases demanding the consent of users when needed.
The University of Valencia publishes data on this website in the following cases:

a) Person finder

The UV has available on its website a browser for retrieving data from people linked to it. The aim of this browser is to provide contact between the members of the university community.
Users who do not wish to appear in the search results can set up, conveniently, their privacy profile.

b) Organizational chart

The UV provides to society the contact details of the staff who works there. Usually this information is on the section “Organisational Chart” of each website. The purpose of these data is exclusively to provide contact within the context of the specific functions and competences of the university.
In certain cases, the email address may be excluded from the public lists or the email account substituted by other new when there is a justified cause, and especially when required for the protection of the staff’s private life, receiving messages containing threats or unappropriated expressions and any other similar cases. To do this you must make a request through the email address

c) Publications

The UV may also publish personal data when the members participate in any selective or competitive procedures in the area of the University of Valencia, in accordance with the current regulations.

The use of the data published on the official website of the University of Valencia will be related exclusively to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Their use will be prohibited for any other purpose and particularly, for commercial or advertising purposes. Infringements of this provision will result in the notification of the facts to the Spanish Data Protection Agency or to other enforcement authorities, without prejudice to the exercise by the University of Valencia of further actions which legally belong to this one.