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ACTIVA CULTURA is a competition aimed at students of the Universitat de València, who are studying official or undergraduate degrees, master’s degree or doctorate, to promote cultural and artistic practices as a means of expression and social criticism. Proposals may be submitted by individuals or through collectives, associations or groups of individuals.

Objective of the call
The objective of this competition is to promote creativity and critical reflection through art, for which 8 cultural projects will be selected to be developed in any space of the Universitat de València, during the year 2022.

Call’s resolution and bases. Submission period from 25/05/2022 to 22/09/2022 [+]

Resolution to extend the term until September 22, 2022 [+]

Participation request [+]

Declaration of responsibility [+]

Resolution of change in the composition of the evaluation commission [+]

Resolution of a new extension of the application period until 10/31/2022 + Extension of the activity execution period until 06/30/2023 [+]

Provisional list of applications admitted and excluded [+]

Definitive list of applications admitted and excluded [+]

Resolution appointing evaluation committee [+]

Resolution granting aid II Activa Cultura [+]




This competition is open to students of the Universitat de València who, at the time of the call, are studying official studies or a undergraduate degrees, Master’s degree or doctoral programme, and who submit their proposals, either personally or through associations, collectives or groups of individuals.



The application period will begin the following day after the publication of the extract of the resolution of the call for applications in the Official Gazette of the Valencian Government (DOGV), and will end 20 working days after its publication.



The total amount of the grants to be awarded is €16,000. The evaluation committee will select up to 8 proposals, each of which will receive €2,000 in funding. The budget presented by the applicant must be viable and strictly in line with the amount requested, as no additional costs will be covered. The financial amount will be subject to the legally established deductions in accordance with tax legislation.


APPLICATION FORM                                                                                

Before applying or making an enquiry, please read the RULES of the call.

Applications for this competition must be made using the forms accessible through the website ENTREU application (Online Office of the Universitat de València), with the username and password of the Universitat de València. Similarly, applications may also be submitted on paper, through the registers regulated in Article 16 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, of the Common Administrative Procedure on Public Administrations.


When filling in the ENTREU form you must complete:

-Types of Target unit: University Services and Central Services.

Name of Target unit: University Culture Service.

Target group: 2nd Activa Cultura Contest.


The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) The application form, duly filled in and signed (Annex II).

b) Photocopy of the DNI (Spanish ID card), NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) or passport of all participants. In the case of associations or groups, the NIF (Spanish ID number used for tax purposes) of the association will also be required.

c) If the applications are submitted by groups or associations, the certificate of registration in the Census of Associations of the Universitat de València must be included.

d) CV of the student. If the application form is submitted by an association, team or collective, a report of the activities carried out must be presented.

e) Responsible statement from each of the applicants for the grant, according to the standard form provided by the University Culture Service, certifying compliance with tax and Social Security obligations, and that they do not fall into any of the circumstances set out in articles 13.2 and 13.3 of Law 38/2003 on General Subsidies. In the event that applications are submitted by groups or associations, the individual declaration of each participant must be included (Annex III). 



For any enquiries related to the call for applications, please contact:




If you have any enquiries regarding the call, please contact: acticult@uv.es