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In the case of Total Permanent Disability and Severe Disability, the beneficiary of the insurance will be the Insured party.

In the event of death of the Insured party, and in the absence of express designation done by the insured person himself, it will be regulated by the priority and exclusive order of precedence described below:

1. Not legally separated spouse in the death date of the Insured party and Domestic partnership enrolled in the registered partnership.

2. Children or descendants in equal parts.

3. Parents or ascendants in equal parts.

4. Siblings in equal parts.

5. Legal heirs.

6. In absence of all of them, the Universitat de València

Therefore, it is expressly agreed that the Insured party renounces to the right of the beneficiary designation for the receipt of benefits of this contract, giving it with full effectiveness and permanently to those Insured parties in the policy.

For this reason, the revocation of beneficiary designation made beforehand will correspond to the Insured party at any time.