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This dynamic graph has been created by the Àrea de Medi Ambient from the monthly water consumption data that updates the Maintenance Service, so that the administrators and users of the buildings can track their evolution, and compare them with previous months and years.

How does it work?

The first selector allows us to choose the campus in order to make a previous filtering of the locations.

The second selector allows us to choose the specific location. Attention: if the second selector does not work, we need to press the button without releasing. Then, it will appear the list of the locations. Automatically, the graph will be adapted to the selection. Leaving the cursor on each bar, the exact values ​​will appear.

The graph below serves to choose the desired date range. By dragging the side tabs, you can choose the date range that you want to check from the year 2013 until today.

Finally, the "€uros" and "m3" buttons serve to show the water used in the graph as well as the economic cost involved, so that its dimensions can be quantified. (1 m3 = 1000 litres)

What data are shown?

The data are updated by the end of each month. The locations depend on the structure of the distribution network, so that if two buildings share the same supply, their graph will be joint, since we do not have more segregated data.

The data of the counters are provided in m3. In order to obtain its equivalence in euros, the average price in € / m3 of the University's total for each year is applied.

What the water is spent for?

The University water consumption is used in toilets, followed by laboratories. It is also used in some cases for the garden areas watering, for showers to sports fields and other specific locations. The University cafeterias pay for their own consumption.