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The Language Police Service (SPL) is a general service of the Universitat de València, whose mission is to achieve a normalised and equalitarian use of Valencia’s own language, this means, we work for the Valencian to develop all its sociolinguistic functions a as modern language for culture.

From the Language Police Service we also promote a self-centred multilingualism and the acquisition of multilingual skills by the members of the university community.

The main objectives are:

»To achieve that Valencian is generally used for the academic, administrative, institutional and interpersonal relationships that take place at the Universitat, as the own language of the Universitat de València.

»To contribute to the internationalisation of the Universitat de València by encouraging that members of the university community learn and use other languages, especially English as an international communication language.

»To train and assist linguistically and terminologically the university community, specially PDI and PAS, to achieve the best linguistic communicative competence and autonomy of users, both in Valencian and other languages.

»To promote sociolinguistic attitudes that are favourable to the Valencian language, the linguistic diversity and the dynamisation of the effective, normal and equalitarian use of Valencian in every area of the university life.

Our internal structure

»Linguistic Assistance Area

»Linguistic Dynamisation Area

»Linguistic Training Area

»Linguistic Resources Area

»Economic and Administrative Management Unit