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Services we provide

Language learning

A1 and A2 Catalan courses for international students and local students who have not studied Catalan.

English B1 and B2 courses for students.

Specific Catalan and English courses for UV staff.

Catalan, English, French and German conversation groups and German introductory workshops. 

Materials and advice for independent learning of different languages in the self-access language learning centres (CALs).

Individual tutoring for learning Catalan aimed at teaching and research staff.

Language exchanges through a virtual space that allows you to find people to talk with. 

Grants for attending language courses to encourage language training and the acquisition of multilingual skills among the UV staff.

Language tests and certificates

CIEACOVA Catalan certification tests.

DELE Spanish certification tests.

CELI Italian certification tests.

CAPLE Portuguese certification tests.

Grants for language certification tests to encourage the UV staff to certify their language level.

Editing and translation

Language advice in Catalan and English to answer queries about specialised, administrative and general language usage.

Editing services in Catalan for teaching materials and scientific texts, and for administrative, institutional, cultural and management documents.

Editing services in English for teaching materials.

Translation into Catalan of texts and materials for teaching, administrative, institutional, cultural and management purposes.

Language equality and self-centred multilingualism

Fernando Sapiña Awards to encourage teaching in Catalan and English by rewarding the preparation and dissemination of teaching materials in these languages.

Mavi Dolç i Gastaldo Awards to encourage the use of Catalan and language quality in doctoral theses.

Xavier Gómez i Font Awards to encourage the use of Catalan and English and language quality in bachelor's and master's theses.

Grants for activities that promote the use of Catalan at the University of Valencia, organised either internally or by external entities and groups.

Languages and cultures workshops to increase the multilingual skills of the university community and promote the values of cultural and linguistic diversity.

Training, dynamisation and constant renewal of the Voluntariat Lingüístic (language volunteers at the UV).

Campaigns to encourage current and prospective students at the University of Valencia to enrol in courses taught in Catalan or English.

Personalised meetings with UV staff on good language practices and compliance with legislation.

Awareness-raising and guidance on language rights and legislation.

Promotion of resources and activities that are useful for achieving language fluency and for expanding the social use of Catalan.

Coordination of initiatives with other Valencian universities and public institutions in the Catalan language territories to promote the use of Catalan and the values of multilingualism.

Language resources

Development and promotion of computer, bibliographic, audiovisual and any other type of resources for learning languages and promoting the values of language equality and multilingualism.

Language welcoming

Tastallengües: an event to welcome international students that promotes multilingualism and language exchanges with local students. 

Valencian Workshops: language and cultural workshops to facilitate the full integration of international students.