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Who we are?

The Language Policy Service (SPL) is a general service of the University of Valencia whose mission is the normalised and egalitarian use of its native language. That is, we ensure that Catalan develops all its sociolinguistic functions as a language of modern culture within the scope of the University and following the guidelines of the Estatuts (University laws).

Furthermore, we promote a self-centred plurilingual vision in the internationalisation of the University and the acquisition of plurilingual competencies by the members of the university community, also in languages of international communication.

Our goals are:

  • Ensuring that academic, administrative, institutional and interpersonal activities within the University are normally carried out in Catalan, as the University of Valencia's native language.
  • Contributing to the internationalisation of the University of Valencia by promoting the learning and use of other languages, English in particular for its international status.
  • Training and advising in language use and terminology, especially the teaching and research staff and the administrative and services staff in order to achieve fluency in Catalan and autonomy in other languages.
  • Promoting positive attitudes towards Catalan and language diversity as well as encouraging the effective, natural and equal use of Catalan in all areas of university life.

Our internal structure:

  • Executive management
  • Learning and Accreditation Section
  • Linguistic Advice Section
  • Linguistic Dynamization Section
  • Linguistic Resources Section
  • Financial and administrative management unit