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  • Graus Dret

Cuadros de las convalidaciones de las titulaciones:

Licenciatura en Ciencias Políticas y de la Administración Pública

Licenciatura en Criminología

Título Propio de Graduado en Ciencias de la Seguridad


Subjects that have been taken in other universities or degree programmes can be incorporated into your academic record in two ways, by adaptation or validation.

We use validation when we compare the curriculums of different official degree programmes

For example:

  • Subjects from another degree programme taken in another university.
  • Subjects from another degree programme taken at the same university.

The following equivalences are considered:

  • A subject from your original degree programme can be equivalent to a subject with the same content and academic weight.
  • The qualification stated in your new academic record will be quantitatively equivalent in points to the original and the qualitative expression will be added to this in writing.

If your original academic record does not contain a numeric mark for the validated subject, the following equivalence will be applied:

  • Pass: 6
  • Merit: 8
  • Distinction 9
  • Distinction with Honour: 10
  • Adapted or Validated: 6

How and when to apply

  • When you have been accepted into the new degree programme
  • Alongside the enrolment procedure
  • You must present your official exam certificate, the syllabuses of the subjects and the curriculum for the degree programme.

Other matters

  • The subjects for which validation has been requested are not included in enrolment, on expectation of results.
  • The validated or adapted subject is not subject to re-evaluation.


  • Adaptation:
  • Validation:
    • Subjects from Spanish public centres:
    • Subjects from private or foreign centres:
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