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NOTE: Any queries or incidents regarding the procedures for external Internships / Practicum at the Faculty of Law should be sent to from the University's email address (

1. General information

The external internships are an activity of a formative nature carried out by students in companies, offices, institutions and other entities. Its main objective is to enable students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, while favouring the acquisition of skills that will prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate their employment and foster their entrepreneurial capacity.

The Faculty of Law considers external internships to be an important and necessary methodology in the learning and preparation of its students and, at the same time, a way of linking them with society.

The organisation, planning and management of external internships is the responsibility of ADEIT, Business-University Foundation of the Universitat de València in coordination with the Internship Committee of the Faculty of Law.

All the internships of the different degrees of the Faculty of Law are tutored and supervised by a tutor from the Faculty of Law.

2. Process Calendar

In the following document you can find all the important dates to be taken into account by the internship student throughout the academic year, classified by degree.

Calendar for the 2023/2024 academic year


3. Internship Application

The application for "External Internships/Practicum" must be made for any type of internship through the Virtual Office, in the "Internships" option.
Single application deadline: 8th May to 14th July 2023.
In order to be able to organise the internship offer, the application processed through the Virtual Office must indicate:

  • If "Autopracticum" or "ranking" is chosen.
  • If recognition for work activity is requested.
  • The semester in which the internship is requested.
  • Students of Double Degree in Law + Criminology must indicate in the comments section of the application form the area of interest of the internship (legal or criminological area).

If the student chooses "autopracticum" and does not submit the documentation within the deadline (e.g. he/she has not found a company), he/she will automatically be placed on the list of ADEIT places in the order corresponding to his/her average mark.
If, at the time of application, the student chooses through the Virtual Office "Choice of ADEIT places", he/she can subsequently submit an “autopracticum” or recognition (always within the established deadline). The student will be automatically excluded from the list of ADEIT places.

4. Enrolment

The enrolment for the internship must be formalised at the same time as the rest of the subjects in the ordinary enrolment process.

Students who do not meet the academic requirements established for each degree programme, which can be consulted in the section "Degree Internships / Double Degree Internships", should not enrol. Those who have not formally applied through the Virtual Office should also not enrol.

5. Internship Modalities (1): Autopracticum

On their own initiative, students can find a place to carry out the internship, which we call “Autopracticum", the suitability of which is assessed by the Internship Committee of the Faculty of Law.

The following rules must be met:

  • It is not possible to carry out the autopracticum in two or more different places.
  • It is not possible to do a autopracticum in a position where there is a family relationship up to the third degree of kinship with those responsible for the management bodies of the company or entity or with the tutors.

The internship activities must coincide with one or more of the proposed model programmes:

In the case of not matching with any programme, a description of the training project must be included in the application.


  1. Submit the internship application via the Virtual Office from 8th May to 14th July.
  2. Check in this application the option “Autopracticum".
  3. Download the following form:
  4. Submit the duly completed form by electronic registration:

6. Internship Modalities (2): Ranking

Admitted students who do not submit a proposal for a autopracticum (or whose proposal has not been approved by the Commission) must choose one of the places offered by ADEIT.

The order of choice will be determined by the average mark of the transcript on 1 September 2023 (1st semester)  and on 1 December 2023 (2nd semester)

The list of places available for students to choose from will be published on the Faculty's website and on the ADEIT website. This list will include details of the company, city, period of the internship, additional requirements, activities to be carried out and whether or not there is remuneration.

Students who have completed a mobility stay in the previous academic year must fulfil the same requirements regarding the number of credits passed as the rest of the students enrolled in the degree course. However, due to the fact that, when the lists of admitted students are drawn up and ordered according to grades, in some cases the student's updated transcript (official grades obtained at the host university) is not yet available, the credits included in the study contract will be counted as having been passed (only for the purpose of fulfilling requirements). For students in the 1st term, the average grade for the choice of place in the ranking modality will be the one recorded in the file on September 1, even if the international credits have not been recognized.

7. Appointment of tutor and handing over of internship agreements

Appointment of University tutor
Once the internship places have been chosen, the Faculty of Law distributes the lecturers who will be in charge of tutoring the subject "External Internships/Practicum" among those who have been teaching the subject this academic year.

Handling over of internship agreements
The format of the external academic placement agreement is only digital (pdf document) and will therefore be sent electronically, via email, to all interested parties: academic tutor, company tutor and student.

8. Recognition of professional experience

Students who have carried out a professional activity that is in line with the content of the corresponding degree can apply for recognition of the work placement.

Officials and civil servants (groups A and B) in the public administration who can prove that they have sufficient work experience in accordance with the qualification. Activities corresponding to the duties performed by officials in groups D and E are expressly excluded for the purposes of recognition.

Officials in group C may apply for recognition of the duties performed in their professional activity (provided that they are comparable to those of qualification groups A or B).

Regardless of their content, extracurricular placements are expressly excluded from the recognition scheme. In no case shall activities carried out in companies, institutions or organisations be recognised in the absence of an employment or commercial contract.


  1. Download the following form:
  2. Submit the duly completed form by electronic registration:
  3. Please attach the following documentation:
    • Service Sheet or Employment Record
    • Certificate from the company or institution, signed and stamped by its director or head, stating the length of service, professional category and a detailed description of the work performed.
    • Original report, personalised and signed by the student requesting the recognition, describing in detail the professional tasks performed in the company or institution, with a length of 5 to 10 pages.


The Faculty of Law's Internship Committee will decide on applications for recognition before the sessions for the selection of curricular placements.
The decision will be included in the student's file with the grade "Pass".
It is advisable that the student who applies for recognition also applies for pre-enrolment in the subject "External Internship/Practicum" in case the recognition decision is rejected. In this case, you must state on the form in the Virtual Office that you have submitted an application for recognition.

9. Internship Assessment

Once the placement has finished and within a maximum period of ten working days, the student must submit to the academic tutor a report of the activities carried out according to his/her instructions.
At the end of the placement, the company or institution tutor will receive the final assessment report telematically, which must be filled in and sent telematically to the academic tutor.

The evaluation of the practice is carried out according to the following aspects, each of which has a specific weight in the final grade, and it is an essential condition for passing the course to comply with all of them:

  • 30% Report from the company or institution's work placement tutor.
  • 10% Attendance at tutoring sessions and career guidance courses and seminars
  • 60% Presentation of a final report in which the reasons for choosing the placement, the importance of the internship in their training, the characterisation of the field of work and the entity of the internship, the work plan and its development, the professional applications of the internship in the sector and the conclusions will be presented.

10. Internship Guides