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In response to the trust that society places in the autonomous management of the universities and the openness required within the EHEA, our university wants to guarantee that their actions are in the right direction for achieving the goals linked to teachings. Therefore, the UV wants to rely on established policies and Intern Quality Guarantee Systems (SGIC) publicly available.

The Office of the Vice-Dean is directing their efforts to the full achievement of the needs and current and future expectations of all the people involved, both internal and external. To that end, it’s committed to use all the technical, economic and human resources available; always in strict compliance of the applicable legal requirements, both at autonomic and state and European level.

Our commitment seeks:

•Users’ satisfaction

•The satisfaction of our staff

•Commitment to continuous improvement.

Thus, at the time, the Quality Committee of the Centre was established, which agreed with the approval of the Centre Board the Quality Policy and Goals Document.


Dean of the Faculty of Law

Universitat de València


Quality Manual of the Faculty of Law (approved by the Board of the Centre on 27th October 2021)

Teaching protocol

Criteria final evaluation



Internal Regulations of the Faculty of Law (ACGUV 74/2018 of 24th April 2018)

Article 27

 1. The centre’s Quality Committee is the body that carries out the tasks of planning and monitoring the Sistema de Garantia Interna de Qualitat (SGIQ, Valencian for Internal Quality Asurance System) It will ensure the achievement of the proposals for improvement put forward in the different institutional assessment processes and will guide the degree accreditation process.

2. The functions of the Quality Committee are:

a) Verify the planning of the Centre’s SGIQ, as to ensure compliance with the general requirements of the SGIQ manual, the Quality Policy Objectives, and the requirements of the corresponding verification and certification guides.

b) Propose and review the Centre’s General Quality Policy and Objectives and inform the entire educational community.

c) Propose and coordinate the formulation of the Centre’s annual objectives and monitor their implementation.

d) Monitor the effectiveness of the procedures through the indicators and evidence associated with them.

e) Receive information from the Dean’s Office on draft modifications to the organisation chart and report on them.

f) Control the execution of corrective and//or preventive actions, actions derived from the review of the system, actions in response to suggestions, complaints and claims. And, in general, of all procedures.

g) To develop the implementation of the SGIQ improvement proposals suggested in the processes set out in the SGIQ.

h) Decide on the frequency and duration, within its sphere of competence, of processes for collecting surveys to measure stakeholder satisfaction.

i) To be informed by the quality coordination team of the results of the satisfaction surveys and to propose criteria for the consideration of the proposals for improvement that may derive from their results.

j) Monitor information and report to the Board of the Centre on the evaluation and improvement processes that have been carried out.

3. The members of the Quality Committee of the faculty shall be elected by the Board of the faculty, at the proposals of the Dean’s Office. The Quality Committee shall be composed of the following members:

a) The Vice-Dean responsible for Quality, who chairs it.

b) The Dean.

c) The presidents of the academic committees of Degrees and Master’s Degrees.

d) The vice-deans responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the centre.

e) The Secretary of the Faculty.

f) The coordination team of the Degrees offered by the centre.

g) A representative of the centre’s administration and services staff.

h) A representative of the student’s body.

i) A technician from the Quality Unit of the Universitat de València.


Composition of the Quality Committe