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  • World Refugee Day


    World Refugee Day

    Our world day for this 2022 is "Whoever. Wherever, Whenever. Everyone has the right to seek protection".
    Regardless of who they are, people forced to flee deserve to be treated with dignity. Anyone can seek protection, no matter who they are or what they believe. Seeking protection is a human right that is not subject to negotiation.
    No matter where they come from, people forced to flee need to be welcomed. Refugees come from different parts of the world. To escape danger, they may fly, board a boat, or travel on foot. The only thing that does have a universal character is the right to seek protection.
    Regardless of when they have been forced to flee, displaced people have the right to protection. Regardless of the type of threat (war, violence, persecution), everyone deserves protection and has the right to be in a safe environment.
    To consult resources: https://www.refworld.org/

  •  Bulletin ONUBIB 2 2022


    Bulletin ONUBIB 2 2022

    Our introduction to the previous issue focused exclusively on the conflict provoked by Russia in Ukraine and its possible consequences for the United Nations Organization. More than three months after its start, the conflict is still there and its consequences are beginning to be felt in all corners of the planet. Not only the political order has been altered. The humanitarian, social and strategic consequences are becoming global and the threats are felt in every corner of this increasingly globalized world. All this has led us to open a new section of this Bulletin, hopefully temporary, dedicated to the conflict in Ukraine and its global consequences.
    On the contrary, with satisfaction we closed a section that we were forced to open two years ago and that, although it continues to be a global problem, is already one more problem among the issues of economic and social development that the World Organization is facing and that starts to get overwhelmed. We are referring to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) which, although it continues to be one of the issues to which the United Nations continues to pay attention, since we are far from having eradicated it, has reached the stage of not only acting to alleviate its consequences, but to reinforce the work to learn lessons from experience in order to be prepared in the event of a new health emergency of these dimensions. For this reason, we have included the references to the action of the United Nations on the pandemic in the section on economic and social development (where all issues related, among others, to health are addressed) and we have deleted the specific section that we opened in the bulletin nº 2 of 2020.
    Naturally, the section that we not only did not close, but that remains essential and in which, moreover, the work of the United Nations is particularly affected by the social and economic consequences of both the war in Ukraine and the pandemic, is the section dedicated to the SDGs. If in 2020 there were special difficulties in achieving any of the 2030 Agenda Goals, without a doubt the pandemic first and the war in Ukraine later, they are putting sticks on the wheels of global action to achieve all the objectives. The United Nations is aware of this and redoubles its efforts to work collectively to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way. The reader will find abundant information on the action of the United Nations in this framework in section 11 of this Bulletin.
    As the reader of this Bulletin is well aware, the action of the United Nations is not limited to these fields of action, since the World Organization has general powers and works in the fields of peace and security, disarmament, justice and international law, environmental protection, human rights and humanitarian problems, economic and social development in all its dimensions, etc. For this reason, you will be able to find in this specific Bulletin information on some of the activities carried out by the United Nations during the last quarter. This Bulletin is intended to be an instrument for the selective dissemination of information. We cannot express in it everything that the United Nations has done in a quarter, but the reader can be sure that we have made an effort to highlight some of the main milestones of this activity. Naturally, at the United Nations Depository Library of the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia (ONUBIB) we are at your disposal to carry out searches on specific subjects that may interest you.
    As always, we end by asking you to continue helping us in our continuous reflection, sending us your criticisms, suggestions or proposals so that we live up to what society and the United Nations demand of us.

  • World Environment Day. 5 June


    World Environment Day. 5 June

    "One Earth" is a slogan with great symbolism since it was used at the first Stockholm Conference in 1972, an event that put the environment on the global agenda and led to the establishment of World Environment Day. Fifty years later, Sweden hosts Stockholm+50 from June 2-3 and World Environment Day on June 5.
    Since its inception in 1974, World Environment Day has become a global platform to raise awareness and respond with action on the most pressing issues, from marine pollution and global warming to unsustainable consumption and crimes against life. wild. Millions of people have participated over the years, helping to promote changes in our consumption habits and in national and international environmental policy. Below are some of the milestones of World Environment Day throughout the years. You can check out DRIVING FIVE DECADES OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION and other resources at https://www.un.org/en/observances/environment-day/resources

  • Exhibition: Shelter and the SDGs


    Exhibition: Shelter and the SDGs

    On this occasion, as we did in 2019, the exhibition consists of ten panels, where we are told how compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can influence the refugee population and encourages us to put these goals into action and contribute to change.

    Awareness campaign designed by the volunteers of the University of Valencia around the exhibition "Shelter and ODS II" that is exhibited in the Depository Library of the UN-UV (ONUBIB). In the Social Sciences Library Building, Tarongers Campus. 2nd floor South Zone. From May 23 to 31.

    On each panel of the exhibition, you can find a QR that gives access to a short online game with questions about the theme addressed by the panel, and another with which the information is expanded.


  • Biodiversity Day 22 May


    Biodiversity Day 22 May

    The theme in 2022 is “Building a shared future for all life”. Fitting within the context of the ongoing United Nations Decade on Restoration, which highlights that biodiversity is the answer to several sustainable development challenges, the slogan conveys the message that biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better.
    From ecosystem-based approaches to climate and/or nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better. That is the main message from the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), key international instrument for sustainable development.
    You can show support for biodiversity with the promotional materials for the Day.


  • World Bee Day. 20 May


    World Bee Day. 20 May

    Beekeeping is a widespread and global activity, with millions of beekeepers depending on bees for their livelihoods and well-being. Together with wild pollinators, bees play a major role in maintaining biodiversity, ensuring the survival and reproduction of many plants, supporting forest regeneration, promoting sustainability and adaptation to climate change, improving the quantity and quality of agricultural productions.
    This year FAO will celebrate World Bee Day through a virtual event, under the theme ‘Bee Engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping systems’
    The event featuring bee and pollinator experts and practitioners from across the world will open with a video message by FAO Director-General QU Dongyu. The event will raise awareness on the importance of the wide variety of bees and sustainable beekeeping systems, the threats and challenges they face and their contribution to livelihoods and food systems. Resolution  A/RES/72/211