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Onubib has a collection of more than 4,100 monographs edited by different UN agencies, organized according to the United Nations subject classification system (UNBIS). 

This collection is updated with donations from the organizations themselves. 

You can consult the Onubib monographs in the Trobes catalog 




Onubib keeps more than 350 titles of magazines published by different UN agencies. Most of these magazines are no longer received, since they are only published in digital format and their online access is free. 

Due to Onubib's collaboration with the UV Refuge Observatory, the UNHCR magazine is received in the library. 

You can check the Onubib magazine titles in the Trobes catalogue. 



Treatries collection

The Onubib Treaties collection contains all international treaties and agreements registered or archived by the UN General Secretariat since 1945 published in printed format. 

Currently, in addition to print, the treaties are accessible online through the Treaty series collection database maintained by the UN Office of Legal Affairs. 



As the depositary library of the UN, Onubib receives and preserves the documents issued by the main bodies of the UN: minutes of the Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council..., letters, reports, etc. in Spanish since the creation of Onubib in 1966 

Although some are still being received, these documents are currently published online and are accessible from the UN Official Document System (ODS).