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According to article 27 of the Internal Regulations of the Faculty, the functions of the Equality Committee of the Faculty of Law are as follows:

  • The coordination, support and promotion of specific actions related to the principle of equality, which are carried out at the Faculty.
  • The observance of compliance with institutional commitments on equality, specifically ensuring the use of an inclusive and non-sexist language and the mainstreaming of the gender perspective in teaching and research and management.
  • The exercise of those functions delegated by the Board of the Faculty within the scope of its competences.

The Equality Committee of the Faculty of Law will be made up of the Dean, or the person they delegate, who chairs it; two members of the teaching and research staff assigned to the Faculty of Law, two members representing the administration and services staff, and two representatives of the students. Of these, one representative shall be a woman and the other a man.

Committee members