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  • Students of the Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

This subject deals with discourse referring to the interpersonal communication between two or more users in different genres and modes in everyday, institutional and/or professional contexts which can be either public or private (e.g. online discussion forums about professional and/or private topics; emails about a range of topics). Different frameworks for interpersonal communication will be reviewed and different conversational structures (dialogues, polylogues, etc.) will be studied. Through interpersonal communication, understood as a contextual practice of individual and social interaction, certain functions are conveyed (persuasion, evaluation, opinion, etc.) and several specific pragmatic strategies with not only linguistic strategies but also social and professional ones. This is because through interaction, speakers are able to negotiate, maintain a cooperative relationship, etc. Its study will allow for an in-depth understanding of theoretical knowledge about and characterisation of these genres, modes and discourses, at times hybrids, as well as a grasp of complex communicational skills in the English language.

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