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  • Students of the Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

This subject provides an in-depth analysis of communication through media products or genres, both traditional (press, radio, television, cinema) and in the new digital media (social networks). The expert/non-expert dynamic, the demotic turn, or the view of conflict as a spectacle are media phenomena which are negotiated and expressed through discourse, reflecting the socio-cultural changes in the current Anglophone context. In addition, the study of digital media will involve a review of the social and technological features which constrain digital discourse on, among others, e-mail, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Likewise, it will be explained how theories about internet language propelled sociolinguistic and critical analysis studies of digital discourses. Discussions about media products or genres will be linked to social phenomena of English-speaking countries such as citizen journalism, the new spaces for political discussion, the ideologies of language, youth culture, conflict and the discursive processes of affiliation and disaffiliation in relation to the construction of social identities of gender, ethnicity, class or political affiliation.

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