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  • Students of the Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

In this subject, discourse is studied as a form of social activity through which forms of dominance, social inequality and abuse of power are constructed, negotiated, established, resisted and legitimised. The analysis of discourse practices makes it possible to demonstrate and explain how institutions or social groups in hegemonic or peripheral positions recreate social representations and mental models with certain ideological biases. Discursive action is often fuelled by historical and cultural presumptions, which should be questioned given that they have the potential to impede and perpetrate discursive actions which indicate inequalities, injustices or ways of hegemonising power.
These typically revolve around the issues of gender, racism, institutional power, or are determined by the means of communication in question. There will be a presentation of frameworks and techniques for critical analysis which allow for the identification of evidence of inequality in the projection of social structures, among which it is worth highlighting the discursive construction of identities, of social actors whose recreation in the discursive activity can impede ideologies of power.

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