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The administration of IUDESCOOP depends on single-member and collegiate bodies. The single-member bodies are the Director and the Secretary, and the collegiate bodies are the Institute Council and the Permanent Board.

The Director is elected by the Council and designated by the Principal of the University. The following requirements are necessary to be a candidate:

  • Being a university professor, doctor, with a full-time involvement and member of the Institute.
  • Not have been revoked as a director in the six month preceding the election.
  • Being presented as such candidate by at least the 20% of Council members.

In the first round, the candidate receiving a number of votes greater than half the number of Council members is elected, and in the second round, the candidate elected will be the one obtaining a simple majority. The designation lasts for three years, with a single opportunity to reelection.

The Council may decide the dismissal of the Director through a motion of censure adopted by an absolute majority of its members, proposed by at least the 10% of its members and without the possibility of being debated or voted seven days before or after fifteen days since its submission.

If the Council does not approve the motion of censure, none of the members who have signed it can present another in a period of 18 months. If the motion of censure is approved, the Director is automatically revoked, communicating such decision to the Principal. Once the revocation is produced, the election of the new Director must be made as stated in the previous section.

Two members of the Permanent Board lead, each of them, CIDEC and the journal «Noticias del CIDEC», and also perform their functions delegated by the Director.

The Council is the governing collegiate body of the Institute. It consists of its affiliated members and it is the supreme decision-making body on academic and research matters.

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