Conferenciantes Invitados

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M. Acosta

J.M. Ansemil

D. Azagra
Regularization by sup-inf convolutions on Riemannian manifolds: an extension of Lasry-Lions theorem to manifolds of bounded curvature

J. Bastero

F. Blasco

F. Bombal

A. Bonilla
On convex-cyclic operators

G. Botelho
Multilinear stability of some classes of vector-valued sequences

M.J. Carro

G. Curbera
Random Unconditional Convergence in rearrangement invariant spaces

M. Estévez

J. Galé

F. García Pacheco

M.I. Garrido

P.M. Gauthier

A.J. Guirao
Existence of unpreserved extreme points in the disc algebra $\mathbb{A}$

J. Gutiérrez
Nonexistence of certain universal polynomials between Banach spaces

C. Hervés
Information and $\sigma$-algebras

J.A. Infante

M.A. Japón
Fixed Point Property in Banach spaces and some connections with Renorming Theory

J.A. Jaramillo

J.G. Llavona
Spectral theory and orthogonally additive polynomials

J. López Salazar
Topologies on spaces of holomorphic functions

M. Martín
Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás version of Lindenstrauss properties A and B

L.A. Moraes
Tauberian Polynomials

G. Muñoz Fernández
On a characterization of continuity

J.J. Nieto

R. Payá

A. Peralta
The $\lambda$-function of Aron and Lohman on Jordan structures

D. Pérez García
Undecidability of the Spectral Gap Problem

A. Pérez Hernández
One-side James Theorem

S. Ponte

A. Prieto

J. Seoane

S. Tikhonov
Weighted Bernstein inequalities

I. Villanueva
Projective norm of products of random gaussian matrices

A. Villena

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