El científic de la Universitat de València José Moreno liderarà la missió FLEX de l’ESA

El físic espanyol José Moreno, professor de la Universitat de València i investigador de L’Image Processing Laboratory (IPL), en el Parc Científic d'aquesta institució, serà el primer científic espanyol que liderarà la missió de l'Agència Espacial Europea Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX), el llançament de la qual està previst per a l'any 2021

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    Convocatòria d'ajuda per a estudiants del grau en Física

    La Facultat de Física convoca una ajuda complementària per a estudiants del Grau en Física matriculats en el curs 2015-2016

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      Sessió informativa en la Facultat de Física dels programes de mobilitat

      Des de dilluns que ve 16 de novembre fins al 20 de novembre se celebra la XIII Setmana Internacional de la Universitat de València. La sessió informativa en la Facultat de Física tindrà lloc el dimecres 18 de novembre a les 13:00 hores en l'aula 4112 (Bloc D) de la Facultat

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        Summoned the 11th Fair-Contest "Experimenta" 2016

        We have summoned again the Fair-Contest "Experimenta" 2016 of Physics demos and experiments and technological applications, to be held at the Science Museum of Valencia in april 24

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          fotografia eleccions junta de Facultat


          Eleccions Junta de Facultat, A.D.R i Claustre 2015

          La Degana de la Facultat de Física convoca eleccions per al proper 19 de novembre, per la renovació dels representants d'estudiants de la Junta de Centre i per a la renovació de l'ADR, fent-les coincidir amb les eleccions de renovació d'estudiants del Claustre. Ací podreu seguir el procés electoral.

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            Nov - Dec
            25 - 24

            Monthly agenda

            All events

            Satisfaction survey for graduates

            Graduates have available survey questionnaires to show to what extent they are satisfied with the degree studied.


            Gender Relationships Subjects

            Enrolment open 4 subjects on Gender Relationships, adapted to each branch of knowledge, could be incorporated to the academic record as 6 ECTS Credits


            Practical course on EXCEL applied to the management of evaluation surveys

            Addressed to PAS (Administrative and Service Staff), specially to the services which manage satisfaction questionnaires.


            Erasmus+ 2016 Call Projects for Professors

            The European Commission has published in the Official Journal of the European Union dated 20 October 2015 , the Call of the Erasmus+ Programme for 2016.


            YUZZ programme

            Do you have an innovative idea? We will help you to launch your business plan. Enrol in the YUZZ programme in the Universitat de València before the 1st of December.


            Teaching assessment surveys

            From 23 November to 31 December, surveys to evaluate first term teaching are available at the Virtual Office of the Secretary for undergraduate and master’s students.


            XI Fira Concurs Experimenta

            Registration opened until 31 January 2016


            Institutional acts of the Universitat de València on the occassion of 25 November

            On the occasion on 25 November of the Universitat de València organises an institutional act in the Office of the Principal.


            Learn how to make your assignments

            Online course with ECTS credit recognition in some EHEA undergraduate degree Registration ends on 30 October


            10th Employment Forum of the Universitat de València

            The Universitat de València hosts the tenth edition of the Employment Forum at the three campuses (Tarongers, Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot-Paterna), with over 60 stands.


            + Videos

            Image of the cover of the video;Faculty of Physics
            Image of the cover of the video;The Higgs boson
            Image of the cover of the video;Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

            Faculty of Physics

            The University of Valencia opens its doors. In its Centres you will discover a wide offer of studies, state of the art technology for teaching, sport and cultural installations and a net of libraries. All you need to access a comprehensive education that guarantees your professional success.

            The Higgs boson

            The video explains in a simple way the significance of the Higgs boson discovery, reviewing the ideas and contributions of many scientists that have led to this discovery and explaining the role the Higgs field in nature.

            Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U

            Presentation video of Campus Habitat5U developed to obtain the label of Excellence Campus

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