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Alumni UV programme of Universitat de València is managed by the General Foundation of Universitat de València (FGUV).

In compliance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on information society services and electronic commerce (hereinafter, LSSICE in its Spanish acronym), below are details of the website:

The General Foundation of Universitat de València (hereinafter FGUV) is the owner entity of the website

Name: General Foundation of Universitat de València
Domicile: Calle Amadeo de Saboya, 4 (46010) Valencia (5ª floor)
Tax code: G-46980207.
Phone number: 963531070
Registration: Register of Valencian Community Foundations, with the number V-79.

Potential beneficiaries of the activities of the collective, for all purposes, are any natural or legal person linked to the university community, former students and society in general.



Any person of legal age can form part of the group even if they have not studied at the Universitat. For this reason, the collective is called Alumni UV.

To become a member of UV Alumni you must follow the instructions specified in the enrollment form. This can be done through the web and by sending the documentation by e-mail ( The following documents must be provided to make the enrollment effective:

  • Form with personal data, signed by the person who wants to become a member.
  • A photo in jpeg format (color, white background, face, front and without dark circles of the sun or other element such as caps, hats, etc). The size has to be less than 500 Kb.
  • Photocopy of the ID card
  • Proof of payment of the first instalment (42.00€) The first instalment will always be paid in advance. It can be paid at the Alumni office or by bank transfer. Payment at the Alumni office can be made in cash or by credit card. The transfer must be made to IBERCAJA’s bank account: SE 36 2085 9354 33 0330222875 (an e-mail notification will be accepted from the bank demonstrating the transaction, as well as proof of an electronic transaction).

The fee counts per calendar year and not per academic year. Each Alumni will renew their quota according to the month in which the payment was made. Thus a quota paid in May 2019 will be renewed in May 2020.

Each Alumni will have a card just like the rest of the university community, which they will be able to collect personally or receive at home.

If the Alumni wants to pick up their card, he/she will go to any Banco Santander university office with their ID card before the last Friday of the current month, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 am to 10:30 am and from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

The Office:

  • Campus Blasco Ibáñez, Av. Blasco Ibañez, s/n (Faculty of Psychology) Phone 96 393 48 33
  • Campus Blasco Ibáñez, Av. Dels Tarongers, s/n (Bank) Phone 96 372 83 02
  • Campus Burjassot, Doctor Moliner, 50 (Bank) Phone 96 390 03 66

If the Alumni does not pick up the card before the last Friday of the current month, they will have to wait for the Universitat to send it to their home.

If the Alumni needs some kind of certificate that proves that he/she belongs to the group, he/she must request it from the Alumni office.



Payment arrangements

There are four types of payment:

  • Direct debit If the fee is paid by direct debit, UV Alumni will pass the receipt unless otherwise indicated. This form of payment can only be used from the first year onwards.
  • Bank transfer: if you choose to pay by bank transfer, it is mandatory to indicate in the concept the full name of the cardholder as well as the data of the account holder.
  • Cash: the fee can be paid in cash at the UV Alumni offices.
  • Bank card: the fee can be paid by credit card at the UV Alumni offices.

Alumni will send all members, regardless of the form of payment chosen, a notification by e-mail advising of the next payment.

The annual fee is 42.00€ and will be counted from the date of enrollment.

If a person enrolls and makes the payment, but realises that he/she has an active university card, he/she won’t be able to ask for a refund or for their enrollment to be cancelled.


Fee for recent graduates

The Alumni fee fro recent graduates of the Universitat de València will be free for one year. The second year will be 21€ and the third year will ask for the full fee.

You won’t be able to access the 21€ fee if you haven’t enjoyed a first year of free fee.

Students who complete undergraduate studies, official postgraduate master’s degrees from Universitat de València and Adeit’s own postgraduate programmes will be considered recent graduates. (Example: If we are in 2020, those who have graduated in 2019 would be recently graduates)

The documentation to be provided will be:

  • Form with personal data, signed by the person who wants to become a member.
  • Copy of ID card.
  • A photo in jpeg format (color, white background, face, front and without dark circles of the sun or other element such as caps, hats, etc). The size has to be less than 500 Kb.
  • Documentation demonstrating the status of Newly Qualified (title or title deposit)

New graduates will have to prove that they don’t have any active card at the Universitat de València. If so, they will have to cancel it to the secretariat of the corresponding faculty.


Reduced fee

The Alumni reduced fee is 32.00€ and affects to the next collectives:

  • Older than 65 years old.
  • People in pre-retirement or retirees.
  • Person with disability
  • Unemployed.
  • Large family.

In order to be able to access this fee reduction, in addition to the usual documentation, complementary documentation must be provided:

  • a) People who are currently 65 years old or older will present their ID card (it will only be necessary to present it once).
  • b) People who are pre-retired or retired will present the documentation that proves it (it will only be necessary to present it once).
  • c) The unemployed people will submit the unemployment card (this group will present the documentation every year).
  • d) Person with disability shall submit a document showing that their degree of disability is equal to or greater than 33% (it need only be presented once).
  • e) Large families will submit the document proving their status (only one submission will be required)

The maximum time for submitting documentation is below:

  • For new registrations: at the time of providing the rest of the documentation related to the enrollment.
  • For active members: within fifteen days of payment notice.


Cancel the membership

In order to cancel your membership, the specific unsubscribe document must be sent signed to

Withdrawal Document

The Alumni card must be returned to the offices of the General Foundation or in any case destroyed. Only active members may use the UV Alumni Card. If anyone makes a fraudulent use, they can be penalized.

In order to avoid the charging of the annual fee, it must be notified one month before the registration date, since once the payment has been made the amount cannot be refunded.

Regardless of the payment method chosen, the Alumni Office will send a reminder via e-mail informing you of the next payment date, specifying the maximum term for paying the fee. If the fee haven’t been paid during this time, the member will be terminated.

The refund of the fee won’t be sufficient for the member to be terminated. It will be necessary for this person to notify you by the Withdrawal Document. If not, an incident will be noted in the member’s file and if in the future he/she would like to register again, he/she will have to pay the fee he/she left outstanding and that of the current year.

A member has no obligation to belong to the Alumni group for more than one year. For that reason the payment of the fee is annual.

A former member can return to the Alumni collective at any time. The new enrollment will count from the day all the documentation is given.


Vesting year

A member can access all the advantages from the moment he has the card that accredits him/her as a member of the group without having to keep any vesting of seniority.

Exceptions are La Nau del Xiquets i les Xiquetes, the Language Centre of Universitat de València and the University Extension Service, which vesting one year’s seniority in the collective.

It doesn’t apply, but the vesting year required to access these two services in the case of students enrolled at the Universitat de València is the year prior to that which is requested. Documentation proving such academic linkage must be submitted.

For the Nau dels Xiquest i les Xiquetes, in order to benefit from the enrolment discount, the Alumni must be enroled in the group before 31 July of the previous year.


Sending information

Alumni UV information will be sent only through the electronic bulletin. For which purpose, the member has to provide an email account at the time of registration.

E-mail will be used as a communication channel for sending information on activities and agreements, as well as notifications for problems with payment of fees.

Those Alumni who provide a mobile phone will also receive the payment reminder via SMS at the appropriate time, as well as the notification of withdrawal.

The member agrees to notify Alumni UV of any changes that are necessary because the data can be updated.


Image Rights

The FGUV reserves the right of using the images and recordings of the activities carried out as part of Alumni UV for its public dissemination, in any paper or digital medium, in audiovisual and multimedia media, including making them available to the public in the spaces of the FGUV and/or Universitat de València website.

The attendance to the activities of Alumni UV means the knowledge of this fact.