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The recently created group of Theory, Bioinformatics and Computer Studies (TBC), arises as a collaboration between researchers of I2SysBio, which has as its main objective the analysis of bioinformatics data. We work on metagenomics data, genomics, interaction networks and in general we apply mathematical methods with high-performance computers for the analysis of large volumes of data. Our main research line is metagenomics. The group proposes to establish a centre of reference in extremophiles and astrobiology studies at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory (LSC). The great potential of this proposal is that it studies the origin of life on Earth and analyses the possibility of finding life on Mars. The group is collaborating in several international projects in extremophilic metagenomics, for example, in the study of the production of bioelectricity by microorganisms in acid or hypersaline lakes on the San Cristobal Island at the Galápagos Islands. The group has previous experience in studies of the impact of the human microbiome on host health and temporal evolution and has developed tools for taxonomic classification, statistical analysis of temporal variability and modelling of the evolution of the complex system In addition, the group has carried out relevant research in the field of genomics in health, such as tools for visualization of virus insertion sites in the human genome and the implications in gene therapy or the characterization of metabolic pathways with proteomic data.