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The values ​​of UVjob

User orientation: We strive to meet the needs and demands of our users in accordance with high quality standards, and service vocation.

Continuous improvement: In order to achieve this, we continuously try to improve our work processes and the quality of the services we offer.

Creativity and innovation: This continuous improvement is possible thanks to the creativity of the people who work at UVjob, and the implementation of the ideas they propose.

Involvement and commitment: As well as their commitment to the objectives of UVjob and their involvement in the work they carry out.

Teamwork: In order to achieve these objectives, it is crucial to work as a team with a global vision integrating the contributions of all the people and areas involved.

Collective well-being: The people who work at UVjob want to create a pleasant working environment that fosters well-being and enthusiasm, and in which we can grow as professionals and people. Therefore, we respect the individual characteristics of each person, we value their contributions, and we trust and help our colleagues.