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Analysis of the Employers' Demands

The analysis of the employers' demands carried out by UVjob is based on the analysis of the opinions of employers in the province of Valencia about the characteristics and competencies graduates must possess in order to find a job in their businesses, as well as the level of competencies presented by those recently graduated who are already employed, the evolution of the university job offer and their future perspectives, and the way in which those employers recruit and university graduates.

The results are analyzed according to the degrees and specific academic areas of the UV. Additionally, we compare the perspectives of employers and those of graduates who participate in the Study of Insertion of Graduates and the evaluations obtained in the various studies about employers. We do all that with the purpose of making academic training fit into the demands of the labour market and of identifying relevant changes within the demands mentioned.

On the other hand, since 2015, OPAL is carrying out an analysis about the competencies showed by the students during their internships. The competences are rated by the tutors of the internships, as potencial employers, which is important to identify how the education given at the University can be improved in order to develop generic and specific competences demanded by the employers.

Further information: estudiosopal@uv.es