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What is UVjob?

UVjob's goal is to assist all University of Valencia students and graduates' in their employability and their professional opportunities.

In order to do so, UVjob encompasses services which will help you achieve the goals:

- Orentation and Counselling

- Employment and Enterpreneurship

- Training

- Study and Analysis

Guidance and Advising

The main objective of OPAL is to facilitate and promote the Labour Integration of students and graduates of the Universitat de València.

Therefore, it provides you a service of professional and labour guidance that allows you to receive information about aspects which have proved to be relevant for your labour integration, as:

  • Job search techniques and tools
  • Status of the labour market
  • Job opportunities for the different degrees
  • Most valued profiles and competencies
  • Interesting training for the labour integration
  • Career development and planning

Moreover, you can choose to be assisted either: face-to-face advising or On-line advising

Job and entrepreneurship

Are you a student looking for a job?

Register in our Employment Agency through the following link www.uv.es/bolsadetrabajo and you will have access to:

Placement Agency/Work Exchange: where companies interested in hiring students and/or UV graduates publish their offers that you will receive in your email according to your professional profile.

Job Offers Panel: service that compiles weekly job offers published in different media and we send them to your email so you have more options for insertion.

Companies Directory: where more than a thousand companies that offer employment are willing to receive your auto candidacy.
Record your video resume: Differentiate yourself from other candidates by recording your self-presentation in audiovisual format. You will increase your chances of finding a job.

University Employment Bulletin: The BUO is a Bulletin thanks to which companies and students and graduates of the University are up to date with news and developments related to the Labour Market.

Are you a company? Do you need to hire students or UV graduates?
If you are a company and have personnel needs, you can register as a company in the Employment Agency/Work Exchange and publish your offers for free.

The OPAL has a database with more than 10,000 users, permanently updated, both with students and with graduates with and without experience.

Go to our website www.uv.es/bolsadetrabajo and register. And if you don't know which degree to apply for, you can contact UVjob's technical staff and receive personalised advice.

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What kind of training is necessary to improve your employability? How can you develop useful capabilities on the labour market? Do you know all the techniques and tools when looking for a job? How to be prepared for interviews? Write a proper CV? How can you make the most of internships?

The training team at OPAL have the answers to these questions and can help you improve your employability teaching you how to acquire competences and capabilities that are useful for jobs; of course, besides the specific knowledge that you have acquired through your university years, you must achieve certain competences that will improve your possibilities of finding a job.

With that in mind, OPAL offers courses that will help you to know techniques and tools for finding a job, preparing for interviews and selection processes and other abilities that are necessary on the labour market.

In addition to that, you can check our online tutorials on the “Improve your employability” section (on the “Courses” menu), which will help you make the most of your internships, writing a proper CV and a proper cover letter, preparing for interviews and will offer you guides about the type of job you can do.

Besides, we suggest you to supplement your training with the other courses that the Universitat de València offers.


Analysis of the Insertion of Graduates and Doctors

This section is devoted to the analysis of the characteristics and the indicators of labour market insertion and labour situation, professional activity and the development of the graduates careers of the UV. In order to do that, different studies are carried on focused on the diverse degrees, training courses and areas of knowledge.

Therefore, specific investigations on the transition into the labour market of graduates are carried out as well as about specific aspects of the incorporation into the lobour market.

Further information: estudiosopal@uv.es