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In order to write the service charter, the unity’s process map, which is the graphic inventory of all the activities that it undertakes, should be taken into account. 

Prior to the elaboration of the process map, each process should be identified. The ISO 9001:2015 defines process as a series of activities interrelated or that interact, which transform elements into valuable results for users. 

Once all the processes have been identified, they are classified according to their function within the unit as follows:

STRATEGIC PROCESSES: those that provide guidelines (guiding and directing) to the other processes. Usually they are under the direction’s responsibility.
KEY PROCESSES: they represent the unit’s raison d’être. They are directly linked to the services provided to the final costumer. Consequently, they are the essential activities of the unit and their result are directly noticed by the customer. 
SUPPORTING PROCESSES: the ones that support one or more of our key processes. 
EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT PROCESSES:  they allow us to evaluate, measure and analyse processes and to establish improvement actions.

The Analysis and Planning Service and the Quality Unit have developed a general model of process map that complies with the guidelines specified by the ISO 9001 standard and the EFQM Excellence Model.


Mapa de procesos generico