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The Analysis and Planning Service is the general service of the University of Valencia responsible for coordinating official statistics and analysing the information required for the decision-making by government bodies. It provides technical support in corporate strategic planning, in their operational deployment and in other projects and action plans aimed at the continuous improvement of the UV and its management units.

In 1995, the Analysis and Planning Cabinet was created, depending on the Planning Vice-Rector's Office. The beginning of the activities of the Cabinet made clear the need to have analysis documents, studies and reports of a technical nature that would improve the information available for the decision-making of the Government team. This fact led to the creation, in December 1998, of the Analysis and Programming Service. This service assumes the activities indicated in article 89 of the Statutes of 28 October 1985:

Article 89. The aim of the Analysis and Programming Service is to analyse the functioning and structure of the University of Valencia and to promote the measures and multi-year action plans through the relevant reports. These reports may be requested by the Rector, the Governing Board and the Social Council.

In the following Statutes of the University of Valencia dated July 30th 2004, the second additional provision lists the general services of the UV, among which is the Analysis and Programming Service, which was later renamed Analysis and Planning Service by agreement of the Governing Council on March 2nd 2005, a name that is still in force.