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The Conference of Principals of Spanish Universities, CRUE, produces annually (the first edition belongs to 1998) the report titled “The Spanish University in numbers”.

This publication registers information of academic, productive and financial character of the total of public universities that give official courses, on-site universities and the UNED, and most of the private universities.

The Analysis and Planning Service is responsible of the gathering, producing and issuing of information of the University of Valencia to the CRUE.

The basic scales used in the publication to describe the Spanish University System are:

  • Academic undergraduate demand: number of first year students and number of students enrolled.
  • Academic postgraduate demand: number of students enrolled.
  • Graduates: number of graduates.
  • Aids to study of the Ministry of Education.
  • International mobility: number of enrolled students that have taken part in the Erasmus programme.
  • Undergraduate university offer: number of courses.
  • Postgraduate university offer: number of courses.
  • Human Resources: Teaching and Research Staff (P.D.I.) and Administration and Services Staff (P.A.S.)
  • Economic structure of the incomes and expenditures.
  • Financial account.
  • Origin and application of the net financing.
  • Indicators

Link to report: The Spanish university in numbers