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Valencian Public University System of Information (SIUVP)

SIUVP (Valencian Public University System of Information) is a project born in 2012 from the collaboration of the 5 Valencian public universities with the aim of offering a complete set of indicators on its activity and results.

SIUVP is a window to the Valencian university activity, through which universities account in a transparent manner to society, for the effectiveness and efficiency achieved in their performance. Students, families, businesses and the general public have access through this web-site to a comprehensive information system that consists of more than 60 indicators.

SIUVP is a system of indicators reached by the consensus and of 5 universities and the Ivie and shared by them. It is based on the joint work of the 5 universities through holding numerous meetings with technicians and managers from universities, in order to develop a common definition and methodology to provide consistent and comparable information.

The Analysis and Planning Service is responsible of the gathering, producing and issuing of information of the University of Valencia to the SIUVP.

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