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Strategic Plans

Over its more than five centuries of history, the Universitat de València (UV) has been carrying out a fundamental mission in the field of education, research and dissemination of culture throughout the Valencian territory. The institution, as a public service, has endured over time, adapting itself to different historical contexts and challenges, always remaining in a leading position of the Valencian University System (SUV).

The current Strategic Plan of the UV for the 2023-2026 period is based on a vision of the future that seeks integrating with social, economic and normative changes that characterize the present. In this context, the UV sets a series of challenges that will guide its evolution in the following years.

Among these challenges features the priority of offering an excellent university education, fulfilling the quality standards of the European Higher Education Area. Furthermore, it is intended to keep and strengthen UV’s leadership position in scientific research, transfer of knowledge and attraction of international students.

The digital transformation will be a fundamental pillar in the university activities, without deeming less important in-person classes. The ongoing training of teaching and research staff will combine with the planned renewal of the personnel to ensure an efficient and quality working environment.

The elements that define the strategy of the institution are the efficient and responsible management of public resources, the commitment to sustainability, equality and diversity, as well as the crucial role of the UV as a cultural agent and disseminator of knowledge.

This Strategic Plan is based on a series of key values, which include the defence of university autonomy, participative governance, transparency, responsibility, accountability, people’s empowering, digital transformation and multilingualism as an internationalisation tool.

The UV commits to maintain its Valencian cultural identity and to support social dialogue. It also assumes the responsibility for preserving and sharing its valuable historical and artistic heritage. The sustainability and the commitment to environmental values, as well as the promotion of equality and inclusion are an essential part of UV’s vision of the following years.

In summary, the Universitat de València stands as a modern and leading institution in the Valencian Public University System, willing to face current and future challenges in order to rise its excellence and society service standards. This Strategic Plan for the 2023-2026 period, based on solid principles and values, sets the course to achieve an ambitious and necessary vision of the near future.