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Organizational charts of the RLT of the PAS of the University of Valencia

The Servei d'Anàlisi i Planificació (SAP), according to the statutes and the resolution of delegation of competences, makes the functional organigram of the Board of Directors. And from the List of jobs (RPT) of the administration and services staff (PAS), elaborates the organization charts corresponding to each unit and campus annually.

Functional organization charts of the Board of Directors:

             ♦ Functional organization chart of the University of Valencia's Board of Directors - (Rector's Resolution 20-05-2022)

Organization charts of the PAS RLT july 2022:

   Organization chart of the PAS of Blasco Ibáñez Campus

   ♦ University Ombuds Office

   ♦ Blasco Ibáñez Campus Management Unit

   ♦ Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

   ♦ Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication

   ♦ Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences

   ♦ Faculty of Geography and History

   ♦ Faculty of Medicine and Odontology

   ♦ Faculty of Psychology

   ♦ Faculty of Nursing and Chiropody

   ♦ Faculty of Physiotherapy

   Organization chart of the PAS of Burjassot - Paterna Campus

    ♦ Burjassot-Paterna Campus Management Unit

    ♦ School of Engineering

    ♦ Faculty of Biological Sciences

    ♦ Faculty of Physics

    ♦ Faculty of Mathematics

    ♦ Faculty of Pharmacy

    ♦ Faculty of Chemistry

    ♦ Burjassot-Paterna Instituts Support Unit

   Organization chart of the PAS of Tarongers Campus

                ♦ Tarongers Campus Management Unit

                ♦ Faculty of Economics

                ♦ Faculty of Social Sciences

                ♦ Faculty of Law

                ♦ Faculty of Teacher Training

                ♦ Tarongers Instituts Support Unit

   Organization chart of the PAS of Services

                ♦ General Services, other centers and units (includes the following Services)

  • "Manuel Sanchis Guarner" Center for Education and Quality building
  •  Botanical Garden
  •  Analysis and Plannig Service (SAP)
  • Central Service for Experimental Research (SCSIE)
  • Libraries and Documentation Service
  • University Culture Service
  • Sports Service
  • IT Department
  • Technical and Maintenance Service
  • Language Policy Service
  • Health and Safety and Environment Service
  • Publications Service
  • Legal Guidance Service
  • Equality Unit
  • Entrepreneurship Unit

               ♦ "Rector Peset" Hall of Residence 

               ♦ Board of Trustees

               ♦ Office of the Principal (includes)

  • Internal Control Office
  • Office of the Principal
  • Office of the General Secretary

               ♦ Central Administrative and Economic Services (includes the following administrative units)

  • Economic Subdivision
  • Economic Subdivision - Ontinyent Campus
  • Economic Subdivision - Office of the Principal Administration
  • Press Office
  • Audiovisual Workshop
  • General Registry Office
  • Head Office - Accounting and Finance Department
  • Head Office - Social Security Department
  • Accounts and Budgeting Service
  • Administrative Procurement Service
  • Research Management Service
  • Transfer and Innovation Service
  • Student Information Service
  • Information and Promotion Service for Students (SEDI)
  • Human Resources Service PAS
  • Human Resources Service PDI
  • International Relations and Cooperation Service
  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • Technical Unit
  • Web and Marketing Unit