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Dolors Corella and Ana Lluch, among the best Valencian researchers, according to the H Index

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • September 26th, 2019
From left to right: Ana Lluch and Dolors Corella.
From left to right: Ana Lluch and Dolors Corella.

Dolors Corella and Ana Lluch, of the University of Valencia, and who will participate tomorrow in the Valencian Researchers Night, will be among the most relevant Valencian scientists, according to the latest update of the H Index. Dolors Corella is Professor of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Food Science, Toxicology and Legal Medicine; and Ana Lluch, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Medicine and an expert on Oncology, as well as a researcher at the Incliva Institute for Health Research.

The Index is an indicator of impact to measure scientific productivity and the number of citations of the articles published by a research team, a scientist, or a university. It detects the most cited experts in a discipline, although it does not take into account the type of journal where it is published and only in the areas of Biology, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technology, Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The classification is based on the average H Factor (HF), or the relationship between the H Index of each researcher, and the average H value of the other authors that are in the ranking of their area. The last update of this comparator refers to the period between January 30, 2018 and February 23, 2019, according to the Data for the Index D Broadcasting Group (IHL).

In the group of researchers with the highest H Factor, the Valencian Community has 43. By provinces, Valencia is the third of the Country, after Madrid and Barcelona, with the highest number being 32. These belong to the five Valencian public universities, the CSIC, the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre, the La Fe Health Research Institute and the INCLIVA.

Of these 43, 12 are from the University of Valencia, and 4 more from the University together with other entities (IIS La Fe, INCLIVA and the UPV). This is Alicia Salvador (Behavioural Sciences), Yolanda Picó (Analytical Chemistry), Guillermina Font (Toxicology), Rosa María Baños (Clinical Psychology) and Amparo Latorre (Genetics and Inheritance). Also Dolores Corella (Nutrition and Dietetics), Maria Dolores Bargues (Parasitology), Isabel Balaguer (Applied Psychology), Manuela Merchán (Química Física) and Marisol Lila (Psychology). This classification is completed by researchers from the Maria J. Bayarri University (Statistics and Probability), Maria Adela Valero (Parasitology), Maria José Gómez-Lechón, María Teresa Donato and María José Alcaraz (the three Pharmacology and Pharmacy) and Ana Lluch (Oncology).


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