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Logo  ScimagoThe SCImago-Institutions Rankings (SIR), developed by the research group SCImago LAB, is a science evaluation resource to assess worldwide universities and research-focused institutions, generating information on rankings with the aim of analysing the researching outcomes, using the database Scopus.

In the edition 2018, this ranking classifies academic institutions who conduct research, ordered by a composite indicator that combines three groups based on indicators: (1) research, (2) innovation and (3) social impact measured by their web visibility.

These institutions have been selected with the only criteria that have to be university and research institutions with more than 100 articles published and included in the Scopus database. The calculation is generated each year from the results obtained over a five-year interval last year which corresponds to two years before the edition of the ranking. In the 2018 edition the results used are the five-year period (2012-2016).

Furthermore, the ranking allows you to select the sector and country. The institutions are grouped by institutional sectors in order to generate classifications with a higher degree of homogeneity. Established sectors are: (1) All (2) Government (3) Health (4) Higher Education (5) Private Sector (6) Other.

In the 2018 edition worldwide has been ranked in full to 5.637 institutions, being 3.125 corresponding to the higher education sector. And at national level (as a country selecting Spain) figures are 262 institutions from all sectors, of which 63 are Higher Education.

Number of classified institutions:  ranked in full to 5.637 institutions, being 3.125 corresponding to the higher education sector

Bibliometric Data Provider: Elsevier's Scopus® Database

Last update: 20-09-2018 | SAP

Access ranking: Scimago Institutions Rankings (SIR)

Position of the Universitat de València according to Scimago

Edition-Publication Positión in the world Positión in Europe Positión in Spain No. institutions
2018 348 126 7 3.125
2017 326 121 6 2.966
2016 306 131 8 2.894
2015 318 - 8 2.890
2014 298 - 7 2.830
2013 317 - 7 2.733
2012 321 - 7 2.599
2011 328 - 6 2.483
2010 346 - 6 2.352
2009 367 - 6 2.208

Evolution of the UV position  according to Scimago

Methodology and indicators Scimago ranking 

Research indicators. Source: Scopus database
- Output/production (8%): Total number of documents published in scientific journals indexed in Scopus.
- International collaboration (2%): The output provided by institution in collaboration with foreign institutions. The values are Scopus database are computed by analysing the output of an institution whose affiliations include more than a country address.
- Normalised Impact (13%): Normalised Production Impact (citations) or adjusted by field. The normalisation of the values of citations is carried out at individual article level.
- High quality publications (2%): A list of publications of an institution in the most influential scientific journals all over the world, placed in the first quartile (25%) in their categories according to the order established by SCImago Journal Rank (SJRII).
- Excellence (2%): Quantity (in %) of the scientific production of an institution included in the group of the 10% of the most cited articles in their respective fields.
- Scientific leadership (5%): Percentage of a production of an institution as main collaborator, that is, the quantity of articles in which the corresponding author belongs to the institution.
- Excellence with Leadership (13%): Number of documents in the Excellence rate in where the institution is the main contributor.
- Scientific talent pool (5%): Total number of authors from an institution in the total publication output of that institution during a particular period of time.
Innovation Indicators. Font: PATSTAT (
- Innovative knowledge (IK: 10%): Publication of the scientific output of an institution cited in patents. 
- Technological impact (IT: 10%): Percentage of the publication of scientific output cited in patents.
- Patents (PT: 10%): Number of patent applications (single families). Based on PATSTAT( Size-dependent.
Indicators of social impact. Font: Google ( and Ahrefs (
- Web size (WS:5%): Number of pages associated with the URL of the institution according to Google ( It depends on the size.
- Number of Backnets (BN:15%): Number of networks (subnets) from which inbound links to the institution's website come. Data extracted from the ahrefs database ( Size-dependent.

TOP10 by geographical area:

Area Position area University Position world
Mundial 1 Harvard University 1
2 Stanford University 2
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3
4 Tsinghua University 4
5 Johns Hopkins University 5
6 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 6
7 University of Oxford 7
8 University of Washington 8
9 Zhejiang University 9
10 University of Toronto 10
Europeo 1 University of Oxford 15
2 University College London 30
3 University of Cambridge 31
4 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 50
5 Imperial College London 52
6 Catholic University of Leuven 74
7 Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6 93
8 Utrecht University 94
9 University of Copenhagen 96
10 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne 100
Español 1 Universitat de Barcelona 213
2 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 267
3 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid 360
4 Universidad Complutense de Madrid 364
5 Universitat Politecnica de Valencia 388
6 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya 390
7 Universitat de Valencia 395
8 Universidad de Sevilla 409
9 Universidad del Pais Vasco 411
10 Universitat Pompeu Fabra  418

TOP10 Universities in the last edition


1.    Harvard University
2.    Stanford University
3.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4.    Tsinghua University
5.    Johns Hopkins University
6.    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
7.    University of Oxford
8.    University of Washington
9.    Zhejiang University
10.    University of Toronto


1.    University of Oxford
2.    University College London
3.    University of Cambridge
4.    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
5.    Imperial College London
6.    Catholic University of Leuven
7.    Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6
8.    Utrecht University
9.    University of Copenhagen
10.    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


1.    Universitat de Barcelona
2.    Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
3.    Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
4.    Universidad Complutense de Madrid
5.    Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
6.    Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
7.    Universitat de Valencia
8.    Universidad de Sevilla
9.    Universidad del Pais Vasco
10.    Universitat Pompeu Fabra 








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