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The Faculty of Economics of the Universitat of Valencia.
The Faculty of Economics of the Universitat of Valencia.

The 2019 CWTS Leiden Ranking classification, which measures the scientific performance of 963 universities based on the number of publications indexed in Web of Science in the period 2014-2017, has highlighted the University of Valencia (UV) as the fourth best in Spain. By fields of knowledge, the centre is among the top five in six of the ten counts, and stands out especially in Social Sciences and Humanities, where it is the second or third, depending on the type of count.

The fourth position of the University of Valencia in the global classification of this ranking occurs in the two types of scientific publications that it has used: the complete one, which gives the same value to all the publications of a university, and the fractional one, that weighs the weight of publications made in collaboration. In this second one, the UV improves one position regarding 2018, going from fifth to fourth, while in the complete criterion it equals the fourth position of last year. In Europe, the Valencian institution has advanced three positions in the fractional count (number 81) and has remained the same in the complete one (position 86).

In the P indicator –publications of a scientific nature of all the branches of knowledge– both in the complete and in the fractional count, the growth of the scientific production of the University of Valencia stands out. This occurs in the number of scientific publications, citations, articles in scientific collaboration and also articles produced in collaboration with the industry.

The 2019CWTS Leiden Ranking uses 22 bibliometric indicators with information in four areas: scientific impact of universities, participation in scientific collaboration, gender and open access. In Europe it is led by the universities of Oxford, College London and Cambridge, while in Spain the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid are at the forefront.

In addition, this ranking measures universities in five areas of science. The University of Valencia is among the best in Spain in social sciences and humanities, where it is the second or third one, depending on whether the article count is fractional or complete; the fourth or fifth in the biomedical and health sciences, and the sixth or fourth in science, physics and engineering. In addition, in life and earth sciences, it remains the sixth or fifth, and the fourteenth in Spain in mathematics and computer science.

Comparing the number of articles in these five areas of science, it stands out that in the period 2014-2017 the largest number of scientific articles published by the University of Valencia corresponds to biomedical and health sciences, physical sciences and engineering and life and Earth sciences.


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