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Reference Acronym Name Director
GIUV2013-007 GLCC Group of Contemporary Catalan Literature Vicent Simbor Roig
GIUV2013-012 CiTrans Intercultural communication and translation Juan José Martínez Sierra
GIUV2013-034 GIRLC Research Group on the Reception of the Classical Literatures Jordi Redondo Sánchez
GIUV2013-035 LICAMEHD Medieval Catalan Literature and Digital Humanities Roser Anna Cantavella Chiva
GIUV2013-037 HistConcep Conceptual History and criticism of the Modernity Faustino Oncina Coves
GIUV2013-039 ELEAM Spanish language studies in Latin America M. Milagros Aleza Izquierdo
GIUV2013-044 MUPART Memory and meaning: use and perception of of artistic remains in Valencian region during Medieval and Early Modern Ages Amadeo Serra Desfilis
GIUV2013-045 GRANVELLE Edition and Study of Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle's Correspondence Julia Benavent Benavent
GIUV2013-051 EFRAREME Literary and translation French studies: reception and mediation Evelio Miñano Martínez
GIUV2013-054 GIRHTC Research Group on Rhetoric, Humanism and the Classical Tradition Ferran Grau Codina
GIUV2013-055 AAEM Art and Architecture in the Modern Age Mercedes Gómez-Ferrer Lozano
GIUV2013-056 Val.Es.Co. Valencia colloquial Spanish Emilio Antonio Briz Gómez
GIUV2013-060 GEHTD Historical studies group for democracy and transitions to democracy
Aurora Bosch Sánchez
GIUV2013-062 LLICVALSOR Language, Literature and Valencian Culture from Golden Age to Renaissance Vicent Josep Escartí Soriano
GIUV2013-064 ELITE-PAC Literary Writings: Heritage and Updates
Juan Oleza Simó
GIUV2013-078 RIALE Intercultural Relations Germany-Spain Berta Raposo Fernández
GIUV2013-080 HISLEDIA History and Historiography of Spanish Language in its Diachrony M. Teresa Echenique Elizondo
GIUV2013-083 BATWoW British and American Transatlantic Women Writers M. José Coperías Aguilar
GIUV2013-086 LINDICO Linguistics, discourse and cognition Beatriz Gallardo Paúls
GIUV2013-088 CyD Culture and Development Nuria Girona Fibla
GIUV2013-089 RIUMED Mediterranean Hydrology Ana Camarasa Belmonte
GIUV2013-091 TCE Contemporary European Drama (18th-21st centuries): Criticism, reception and transnationality Ignacio Ramos Gay
GIUV2013-092 GRETRALIGREHIMP Group de Research and Translation of Hellenistic and Imperial Greek Literature Jorge Luis Sanchis Llopis
GIUV2013-094 ARSMAYA Research group in art, archeology and cultural heritage
Cristina Vidal Lorenzo
GIUV2013-122 MIETIC Educational Research Methods and Information and Comunication Technologies Jesús Modesto Suárez Rodríguez
GIUV2013-124 ETIDEMO Applied Ethics and Democracy Research Group
Adela Cortina Orts
GIUV2013-127 InterCom Interculturality and Communication Jenaro Talens Carmona
GIUV2013-137 FonCat Catalan Phonetics and Phonology Jesús Jiménez Martínez
GIUV2013-138 CUDIDE Culture, Diversity and Development Research Group Carmen Carmona Rodríguez
GIUV2013-139 CIAO Italianistic Consortium of Analysis & Study of Literature Plays Juan Carlos de Miguel Canuto
GIUV2013-144 Hybrida Cultural hybridations and migrant identities Domingo Pujante González
GIUV2013-145 CiSEM Cultures and Societies of the Middle Ages Antoni Josep Furió Diego
GIUV2013-150 VSD The Valencian language: diachronic, synchronic, grammatical theory, variants, onomastics Abelard Saragossa Alba
GIUV2013-151 Histradcyt History and scientific and technical translation from French to Spanish María Julia Pinilla Martínez
GIUV2014-186 CCSS Criticism and sabotage Manuel Asensi Pérez
GIUV2014-188 PRESEVAL Project for the Sociolinguistic Study of Spanish in Valencia José Ramón Gómez Molina
GIUV2014-190 SILVAGroup Group of Support for Investigation in Language Variation Analysis Francisco Miguel Ivorra Pérez
GIUV2014-201 GIRHA Resources Innovation Group in Ancient History Juan José Seguí Marco
GIUV2014-203 GECOHIS Gender, Knowledge, History and Subjectivity Mónica Bolufer Peruga
GIUV2014-209 CLIMAMET Research group of climate change, weather risks and inputs to the hydrological system in the Mediterranean
María José Estrela Navarro
GIUV2015-213 PREMEDOC Prehistory of the Western Mediterranean
Valentín Villaverde Bonilla
GIUV2015-214 UDERVAL Unit for Rural Development and Evaluation of Public Policies Javier Esparcia Pérez
GIUV2015-220 HISCUCON Cultural and social history of contemporanity Ismael Saz Campos
GIUV2015-222 GRAM Archaeological Research Group on the Mediterranean Pedro Pablo Ripollés Alegre
GIUV2015-224 VALuART Valencia, University and Art. Art, Culture and Society in Spain, since 1750 to today Rafael Gil Salinas
GIUV2015-228 LABORART Laboratory of conservation, study and methodological contributions of the restoration in the history of art M. Antonia Gómez Rodrigo
GIUV2015-230 GENTEXT Gender and social/sexual (in)equality research group José Santaemilia Ruiz
GIUV2015-229 GRIS19 Grup of research on nineteenth century. Reform and revolution in Europe and America (1763-1918) María Ivana Frasquet Miguel
GIUV2015-239 FRASCAE Contrastive phraseology German - Spanish Herbert Holzinger
GIUV2015-245 GENDIGIT Digital genres: linguistic analysis of production and reception Francisca Antonia Suau Jiménez
GIUV2015-251 AUTOMORLIB Research group in self-knowledge, morality and freedom Carlos Moya Espí
GIUV2015-259 METALEXICA Lexicography and Contrastive Linguistics Cesáreo Calvo Rigual
GIUV2015-264 EMO-FUNDET Emotion and language 'at work': The discursive emotive/evaluative function in different texts and contexts: Project Persuasion Ana Belén Cabrejas Peñuelas
GIUV2016-296 INNODES Innovation and Local Development Julia Salom Carrasco
GIUV2016-302 GRENIC Study group new cultural imaginary: spiritualities, tourism and body María José Albert Rodrigo
GIUV2016-313 MEDHISMO The hispanic mediterranean during the early modern period Ricardo Franch Benavent
GIUV2016-329 DIVFOREVA Diversity and evaluation in lifelong learning Amparo Perez Carbonell
GIUV2017-345 EVLA Study of violent phenomena in literature in German language Brigitte Jirku
GIUV2017-346 APES APES. Estudis de Cultura Visual Rafael Garcia Mahiques
GIUV2017-354 LAP Literature, arts and performance Laura Monros Gaspar
GIUV2017-355 GRATUV Research and Theatrical Action Group of the Valencia University Carmen Morenilla Talens
GIUV2017-375 GDLS Sustainable Local Development and Government Joaquin Farinos Dasi
GIUV2017-385 DIGRAM Discourse and Grammar M. Josep Cuenca Ordiñana
GIUV2017-387 ESTEPA Studies of Territory, Landscape and Heritage Jorge Hermosilla Pla
GIUV2017-397 VaLingCat Linguistic variation in Catalan Andreu Senti Pons
GIUV2018-409 MEDCOSVAL Environmental change and human action in Mediterranean coastal plains Pilar Carmona González
GIUV2018-410 MEDLIT Medieval Spanish Literature Marta Haro Cortés
GIUV2018-425 CORPLING Corpus Linguistics: developments and applications Carmen Gregori Signes
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