After the publication of the list of students who have been admitted, rejected or waitlisted, the University of Valencia will contact the “admitted” students by email to inform them about the enrolment procedures for the program Phds

Students doctoral enrolment programs Phds R.D. 99/2011.

Document Doctoral Commitent

Further to the formalization of his/her first enrollment, the doctoral student, the University, his/her mentor, if applicable, and his/her director must sign jointly the doctoral commitment document relating to, among others, the procedure of resolution of conflicts that may arise, the aspects relating to intellectual property, and in general, the supervision functions of the doctoral student’s research activity (Article 17 Postgraduate Studies Regulations)

Form Recognition Activities Phd

The Academic Committee yearly assesses the research plan and the activities document together with the reports issued by the supervisor and the director. The positive evaluation will be a requirement to be able to continue in the programme. In the event of a negative evaluation, which must be supported, the doctoral students must be assessed again within six months. In order to do so they must develop a new research plan. If there is a second negative evaluation, the doctoral student will be permanently withdrawn of the programme. Against these resolutions, which do not exhaust the administrative procedures, the applicant may lodge an appeal, which will be determined upon a report from the Postgraduates Studies Committees by the Principal or by his/her delegate.