Degree number of credits: 60

Compulsory credits: 16

Elective credits: 28

Final project: 6

Work placements/Internships: 10

Degree code: 2024

Years: 1

Teaching type: face-to-face

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Master degree website:

Places available for new students: 800

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 36

Price per credit
[2022-2023 academic year]:
12,79 €

Management Centre: Faculty of Teacher Training

Languages used in class: Spanish, Valencian, French,English, German, Italian and Portuguese

Participating universities: University of Valencia

Academic coordinating commission Natividad Orellana Alonso (Directora)
María Luisa Ballestar Tarin
Josep Ballester i Roca
Jose Ignacio Cruz Orozco
Bernardo Gargallo López
Paula Jardón Giner
Carmen Rodríguez Gonzalo
Jordi Solbes Matarredona
Juan Antonio Carrilero Martínez (PAS)

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: For teaching in the upper and lower secondary education cycles, vocational studies and language teaching.


The following specialties of the Master’s Degree are not offered in the Universitat de València: Italian, Portuguese, Computer sciences and electronic systems

Academic, scientific or professional interest: The Master's in Secondary Education Teacher Training provides a professional qualification for teaching in both public and private schools, in the upper and lower secondary education cycles, vocational studies and language teaching. It is structured into these specialities: Biology and Geology; Drawing; Economics; Physical education; Philosophy; Physics and Chemistry; Foreign language: German, French, English, Italian and Portuguese; Geography and History; Classical languages and cultures: Greek and Latin; Spanish language and literature; Catalan (Valencian) language and literature; Mathematics; Music; Counselling; Technology and industrial processes; Career guidance; Vocational education specialities: Health; Social, cultural and community services; Business, Trade and Tourism; Computer Science and Electronic Systems.

Pre-enrolment information Student Information Service

Academic information: