The Alfons Cucó Chair of Politic Reflection develops its activities in the heart of the Internation University of Gandia. It was born with the aim of honouring and keeping alive the memory of the prestigious full university professor of the Universitat de València, going deep into the research lines which Dr Cucó worked over his life and promoting debates among specialists, as well as working as a permanent politic, intellectual forum.

Alfons Cucó’s Biography:

He was born in Valencia in July 1941, was graduated in History from the Universitat de València in 1964 and got his doctorate in 1970. After being a senator of PSOE from 1979 to 1996, Cucó left the party. He was already considered as a referent because of his intellectual projection and his concern about the situation of the Valencian nationalism. In 1998 he won the Chair of Contemporary History of the Universitat. He was a member of Valencians pel Canvi. In 1977 he participated on parliamentary elections under the acronym of the Socialist Party of the Valencian Country, but it did not get any seat. After that, he joined PSPV-PSOE as a result of the union in 1978 between the old PSPV and the Valencian federations of PSOE and the Socialist Popular Party. While he worked as a senator, he was also secretary of the Ibero-American Affairs Committee and Vice-President of Foreign Affairs and of the Mixed Congress-Senate for European Communities Committee. Between 1983 and 1989 he worked as a President of the Spanish Committee for Helping Refugees and Vice-President of the Spanish Delegation in the Council of Europe and in front of the Western European Union.

 Among his publications, El valencianismo político (1971) stands out. This work had a great influence and was republished in 1999. Other of their known works are: “El valencianisme polític” (1971), which was a big influence and was reprinted in 1999; “Aspectes de la política valenciana en el segle XIX” (1966); “Republicans i camperols revoltats” (1975); “Sobre la ideologia blasquista” (1979); “Estudis d´història contemporània del País Valencià” (1979); “Llengua i política, cultura i nació”, with Santi Cortés (1997), “Roig i blau”, i “La organización territorial del Estado, España en Europa: un análisis comparativo”.

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