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As Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, I am pleased to introduce myself to the university community and the Valencian society. My name is José Manuel Pastor Monsálvez and I am a Professor of Economic Analysis at the University of Valencia.

I have had the privilege of being elected Dean and my role will be to face the immediate new challenges of our Faculty in the midst of great technological, regulatory, economic and social changes. In this rapid rather than dynamic environment, my team and I accept the exciting challenge of running a higher education centre committed to the universal values of scientific, academic and research training, always maintaining the highest professional and personal ethics.

What we are aiming for, with the effort and collaboration of all the people that make up the Faculty (academic staff, professional services staff and students), is a more satisfactory work and study environment. As expected, our management style will be transparent, open and participative.

What are the most important challenges awaiting us?

Our first goal is to continue evaluating and improving the different types of degrees, increasing their number, and guaranteeing their quality, excellence and progressive adaptation to the continuous advances in science and technology. Likewise, to disseminate, promote and harmonize the offer of official master’s degrees, making our Faculty a national and international reference centre for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

In addition, we aim to intensify the outreach and visibility of our Faculty in Valencian society, increasing collaborations with companies and institutions. Through this approach, we want to foster, among other aspects, our graduates’ transition into the labour market, train them as entrepreneurs and boost their professional careers.

All of the above requires us to be highly meticulous in the day-to-day running of our centre and efficiently use the available spaces by adapting them to the needs of the new teaching and management methodologies. First and foremost, in our academic work we aim to follow Kant’s maxim Sapere aude, ‘dare to think’. In other words, what we pursue is to provide our students with the necessary competencies and skills for their development as excellent professionals, while also instilling in them the ethical and solidarity values that will turn them into good citizens. In short, to give a new lease of life to the Faculty of Economics which is already more than 50 years old, and to foster an increased sense of pride among the students, staff and faculty belonging to this centre.