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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics!

Did you study at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences? Did you study at the Escola Universitària d’Estudis Empresarials? Or are you from the generations following the year 2,000 and your centre was the Faculty of Economics?

No matter what your answer is, if you went through any of those rooms, this is your place. The current Faculty of Economics, result of the fusion of the mentioned centres, is today the Valencian referent of the studies in Economics, Business, Tourism and Finances. We are the Valencian university centre with the highest number of students and with the biggest offer of degrees and postgraduate studies in our fields.

But size is not everything: also the national and international indicators show our excellence.

It has taken great effort to get there and we still have a long way to go, but we also want to look back and remain true to our roots, to you. This is why we are bringing our enthusiasm in promoting the contact between our Alumni and the Faculty. We want that you stay with us, that you can benefit from our talks, from our seminars, that you visit us and read us through our social networks. We also want to know about you, about your professional projects, about your big and small achievements.

Do you dare? If so, enter your data to be part of Alumni-FdE. We will have available this section of the Faculty’s website. You can also download our free app, with direct access to the events programme, as well as other interesting sections. We are already taking the steps towards an economics blog in which you can collaborate. If you love sports, join our running or mountain group. And, of course, once a year, we wait for you at the Trobada Alumni FdE, that moving annual meeting in which all the graduated people enjoy the occasion to reencounter us, while we academically commemorate those who finished their studies 25 years ago.

What are you waiting for? Sign up already We look forward to meeting you.

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