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Language exchanges


Download the app Apparella't, developed by Plataforma per la Llengua*, to look for a language partner. The application, which works similarly to dating apps, will make it easier and more fun to find someone to talk to in Catalan. You can learn or teach the language anywhere in the world. Thanks to its geolocator, you can get in touch with people who speak Catalan fluently or offer conversation to learners.

*Entity external to the Universitat de València.



When you find a person who fits your needs and interests, get in touch and start talking! You can have a coffee, chat, go to the theatre, to the cinema, on a trip, etc. You decide what activities you do and how often you meet.

Voluntariat pel valencià

If you want a language partner to practise Catalan, you can also sign up for the free Voluntariat pel valencià programme, organised by Escola Valenciana*. In this case you have to fill in a form on their website and they will let you know when they have found a partner that shares your hobbies and interests.

*Entity external to the Universitat de València.

Facebook @llenguesuv

You can also search for language exchange partners on our Facebook page. Go to and write a post asking for conversation in Catalan. You are very likely to find people willing to help!