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The Servei de Política Lingüística organises official Catalan tests (CIEACOVA) to certificate levels A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 in collaboration with the rest of Valencian universities.






Programme and structure of the test

Programme and structure of the test

Programme and structure of the test

Programme and structure of the test

Programme and structure of the test

Correcting criteria

Correcting criteria

Correcting criteria

Correcting criteria

Correcting criteria

Test model

Test model

Test model

Test model

Test model

Who can access?

Active 18 years old (before 1/1/2020) members of the university community.

How much does it cost?

The enrolment has a price of 28 € and it includes one call (2020 price).

Which is its value?

CIEACOVA tests are equivalent to Valencian Government tests (Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements de Valencià) and other official certifications of the Catalonian Government, the Government of Balearic Islands, the Government of Andorra, the Ramon Llull Institute, the University of Balearic Islands and Catalonian universities.

» Check certifications of Catalan that the Universitat de València recognises.

Calls and register

The Universitat de València organises the January call of CIEACOVA tests. Have a look at the tests calendar and the registration instructions.

More information

Visit CIEACOVA website.


January 2020 call

Registration period

The registration period for January 2020 call is from Monday 11 Novembre to Friday 29 November.


Oral test

Level Date Schedule
   A2 (Bàsic) 13 January 2020     From 4 p.m.
   B1 (Elemental) 17 January 2020  From 4 p.m.
   B2 (Intermedi) 13 January 2020    From 4 p.m.
   C1 (Suficiència)

16 January 2020

17 January 2020

From 4 p.m.
   C2 (Superior) 13 January 2020   From 4 p.m.

Candidates can only request to change the time of their speaking test – or the date, in the C1 level test – by providing proof of death of a first-degree relative, scheduled surgery or subpoena.

Written test

Level Date Schedule
   A2 (Bàsic) 23 January 2020   4 p.m.
   B1 (Elemental) 24 January 2020 4 p.m.
   B2 (Intermedi) 23 January 2020   4 p.m.
   C1 (Suficiència) 24 January 2020 4 p.m.
   C2 (Superior) 23 January 2020   4 p.m.


Registration instructions

» Step 1: access and registration as a user

In order to enrol in the CIEACOVA tests at the Universitat de València you must access the enrolment application through this link, select the option "Accés per a personal amb usuari i contrasenya...", enter your username (the part before the @ in your UV e-mail address) and password. If you have not registered before in the enrolment application, you will be prompted to do so. If you are a registered user, you will go directly to step 2.

» Step 2: enrolment and payment of fees

You will see the list of levels available. Click on "Inscripció" for the level you wish to enrol in and follow the instructions. To complete the enrolment process, you must first pay and print the proof of payment, and then click on "Continueu procés telemàtic" and then on "Finalitzar".

Exemption from payment: in the cases provided for by the legislation in force, it is possible to obtain a discount in or an exemption from the payment of fees. The discount or exemption must be requested by filling in an application. In these cases, enrolment in the tests must necessarily be completed at the headquarters of the Language Policy Service (carrer del Serpis, 29 - Edifici Beatriu Civera, 2a planta - Campus dels Tarongers) by submitting the following documents:

  1. Application for discount in or exemption from fees.
  2. Copy of the document confirming your legal status for applying and the original document to compare the two.
  3. Photocopy of your identity document.

Those who require adjustments to undertake the tests because they have a disability equal to or greater than 33% must contact the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities.

The list of candidates admitted to the tests will be posted on this webpage on 5 December, together with further instructions and additional information.


How to receive the certificate

Approximately three weeks after the publication of results, successful candidates will be notified on this website that they can collect their certificates from the Language Policy Service.
CIEACOVA certificates are equivalent to those issued by the Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements del Valencià swithout the need to apply for official recognition.. 


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