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Enrolment procedures 2023-2024 at the Secretary's Office of the Faculty of Law

  1. Incoming Students.
  2. Second year students and further
1.- Enrolment for Upcoming Students for Degrees and Double Degrees

Each admitted student will be assigned a specific day and time between 17th (from 12 noon) and 20th July 2023, ordered according to the mark obtained for each admission quota. The enrolment date will be available on the University’s website from 14th July.

Enrolment must be completed on the day and at the time assigned and, in any case, by 2:00 p.m. on 20th July. Failure to formalise enrolment within this period will be considered as a refusal of the place and the place will be placed on the waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list, you must check the results of the calls individually. If you are interested in obtaining a place, you must confirm in each of the qualifications your interest in continuing on the list, so that you will be able to participate in the adjudications of the following calls. In the case of admission by waiting list, enrolment shall also be formalised electronically by the established deadline.

If you have made a claim to the result of the pre-enrolment, please check the cut-off marks for the different calls and check if you would obtain a place with your access mark. If this is the case, please contact the Faculty Secretary’s Office with the resolution you have received.

In case of vacancies after the third call, the available places will be offered to the persons on the waiting list who have expressed their interest in the three successive calls. This call will be made individually to the telephone number or e-mail address given in the pre-enrolment form, until 15th October at the latest.

Enrolment is done online, from any computer or electronic device, by means of a computer application accessible at Student Services Portal. This application allows you to complete all the formalities to formalise your course enrolment.

Before completing the enrolment form, you should consult the Faculty's website for the timetables of the subjects in order to plan your preferences in advance, bearing in mind that, as the groups have a limited capacity, it is possible that you will not be able to find a place in any group, so it is advisable to have an alternative planned.

During the enrolment process you will obtain  electronic keys (user and password) so that you can access the various services of the University (Virtual Secretary's Office, Virtual Classroom, Electronic Headquarters, etc.) as well as your mailbox where you will be informed of your enrolment details and other notifications.

If you need help with the self-enrolment or if you have any questions, please call the following telephone numbers: 963828716 - 963828676 - 963828238. You can also be contacted through other telephone numbers in the organisation chart of the Faculty's secretary's office:

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2.- Enrolment Second and Further Year Students. Degrees and Double Degrees

Enrolment preparation

From 30th June to 18th July you can prepare your enrolment for the next 2023-2024 academic year by validating or modifying your personal details at:

The preparation and review of your administrative data will allow you to save time on the day of enrolment and to directly select the subjects and groups to be enrolled.

Enrolment appointments will be available on 17th July (from 3 p.m.) at the Student Services Portal of the UV.

The enrolment period will be: from 19th to 31st July. The exact dates will depend on each degree programme.

Enrolment date

In order to improve the organisation of the enrolment process, each student has been assigned a specific date and time that can be consulted on the Student Services Portal from 17th July.

The criteria for ordering enrolment appointments in Degrees can be consulted in the University Enrolment Regulations For Degrees.

How to enrol

Enrolment must be formalised using the Students Services Portal computer application for self-enrolment, which allows you to carry out all the administrative procedures for the current academic year.

Before completing your enrolment, you should consult the Faculty's website for subject timetables to plan your group preferences in advance, bearing in mind that, as the groups have a limited capacity, it is possible that you will not find a place in one of the groups, so it is advisable to have an alternative planned.  Enrolment is done by compulsory grouping, so you must include all the subjects of the same course within the same grouping.

At the end of your enrolment, from the Student Services Portal you will be able to check your enrolment information and you will be able to make subsequent modifications until the last day of enrolment (31st July).

Remember that you must enrol for a minimum number of credits depending on whether you opt for full-time or part-time enrolment.

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