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To obtain the certificates, you may opt for two channels:

1.- Obtaining the certificates by entering the Website

Through Online officeUV you may access the information, services and procedures that the administration of the UV offers. Students can obtain, among others, the certificates of enrolment, student insurance and enrolment fees.

  • Certificate of studies, Fee required.
  • Certificate of admissión to Degree studies, No fee.
  • Certificate of admissión to Master's Degree studies. No fee.
  • Certificate of Large Family Card renewal. No fee.
  • Certificate to be enrolled. No fee.
  • Certificate of tuition fees. No fee.

2.- Obtaining the certificates by presenting yourselves at the office of the secretary

Certificates may be issued in Spanish, Valencian and English

1.- The applicant or authorised person may arrive at the Office of the Secretary during office hours

2.- Types: 5-years degree - Licenciatura (Depending on the type of certificate, it may imply the payment of a fee)

• Certificate of studies. Fee required. In the event of internal use at the Universitat de València, it is exempt from payment
   Download Certificate of application.

3.- Pay the certification fee, if applicable, that you will receive and give the receipt back after paying it at the Office of the Secretary along with the application form.

4.- Once the previous point is carried out, you can get the corresponding certificates at the Office of the Secretary within seven days by providing the following documents.

Obtaining the certificates of studies

You shall provide the following documents:

1. The receipt issued at the time of application.
2. The identity document (ID, passport, student card...)

If applicants can not present themselves, they may authorise other person, who must provide:

• Representation sheet, just as this template.
• Copy of the ID of the represented person.
• ID of the authorised person.


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