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Urban transition toward decentralised renewable energy production is a key to global climate change mitigation efforts. At the city level, innovation is needed to develop local production and consumption of renewable energies (Prosumer concept). The ProsumE project will build up on a local energy innovation network to develop a transition pathway (road-map) for energy prosumers services development at the city scale with potential for local scalability and reproducibility in other European cities and abroad.
L’actual crisi de l’ocupació i el crèdit s’han afegit a altres factors previs, com els canvis socials en les famílies i l’envelliment de la població, per posar en qüestió la sostenibilitat de l’actual model de prestació de serveis públics a Espanya
The OIBESCOOP was born with the aim of contributing to sustainable development and jobs and wealth creation, as well as promoting theoretical and practical articulation of a common area of Social Economy in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.