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EVENTS 25TH OF OCTOBER. Conference Hall-1st floor






Institutional Opening:

  • Mª Adela Valero, Vice-director for Employment and Training Programmes
  • Josep Montesinos, Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History
  • Marisa Quintanilla, OPAL manager


Inaugural Conference: Working in an art centre

  • Bombas Gens: "Working in an art center"

Sonia Martínez, Coordinator of Events and Education

Carles Àngel Saurí, mediator


University Students Around the World: Working Abroad

  • International Relations
  • BECUE Organisation
  • Europe Direct   


Entrepreneur? Start Up Your Own Company

  • Motivem Project (ADEIT - University-Business Foundation)
  • Chair for Business Culture
  • Valencia City Council
  • Geoinnova
  • Esfera Proyectos Culturales, S.L.
  • Exdukere Activitats Culturals
  • Cultural Feedback            





Colloquium Future Job Offers in the Valencian Community?

 Palmireno Hall.

Besides, there will be two different workshops carried out by OPAL technicians (in front of the Joan Fuster Conference Hall, on the first floor of the Faculty):

  • Review your CV
  • Create your own personal brand

13 companies and organisations will be on the faculty’s lobby and will offer information to the assistants about job opportunities.