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Dynamic Transparency Index (Dyntra)is the first collaborative platform in the world to measure the public information of governments, public administrations, political parties, elected officials and the different social actors in a dynamic, efficient, transparent and open way.

A study has been elaborated on the public transparency of the Spanish universities based on the evaluation of the level of transparency of these through the Dyntra methodology and a specific index for these organizations called Dyntra Spanish Universities (DUE).

The dynamic index analyses the transparency of universities through 132 indicators grouped into five different groups: 1. Institutional Transparency; 2. Public Communication, 3. Citizen Participation and Collaboration; 4. Economic-Financial Transparency; 5 Transparency in the Contracting of Services.

The 74 Spanish universities are evaluated, covering both public and private universities.

Number of classified institutions: 74 public and private universities

Última actualización: 11-01-2019 | SAP

Ranking access: Dynamic Transparency Index (Dyntra)

Position of the Universitat de València according to  DYNTRA

Edition - Publication Position in C.Valenciana Position in Spain No. of institutions
2019 1-2 6-7 74


Score of the UV in DYNTRA by indicators

Indicator 2019
GLOBAL 95 de 132 indicators (71,97%)
Institutional Transparency 44 de 66 indicators (67%)
Public Communication 19 de 22 indicators (86%)
Citizen Participation and Collaboration 13 de 20 indicators (65%)
Economic-Financial Transparency 7 de 9 indicators (78%)
Transparency in the Contracting of Services 12 de 15 indicators (80%)

Results of the evaluation of the University of Valencia

TOP10 by geographical area:

Area Position area University Position ranking
Spain 1 Universidad de Burgos 1
2 Universidad de Valladolid 2
3 Universidad de Murcia 3
4 Universidad de Zaragoza 4
5 Universidad de Cádiz 5
6-7 Universitat de València 6
6-7 Universidad de Alicante 6
8-9 Universidad de Cantabria 8
8-9 Universidad Pompeu Fabra 8
10 Universidad de Granada  10

Position of the Valencian universities

Area Position area University Position ranking
Comunitat Valenciana 1-2 Universitat de València 6
1-2 Unversitat d'Alacant 6
3 Universitat Jaume I 12
4 Universidad Cardenal Herrera - CEU 16
5 Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche 30
6 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 47
7 Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir 73

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