1. Pre-enrolment application for Master's degrees

Note: Before filling in the application, it is very important to read carefully the information detailed below and consult the technical requirements to access the University Online Office.

Through the following link you can access the pre-enrolment application for Master's degrees:

Online application

Please find more information in the following documents:

University of Valencia students tutorial

External students tutorial

2. How to access the online site

You can access the pre-enrolment application form for Master's Degrees through the University of Valencia's online office, "ENTREU", from any computer with Internet access, in one of the following ways:

  1. UV students: using their username and password.
  2. UV students without identification or students from other universities: using the option "office user" to create a username and a password.
  3. With Cl@ve system

If it is your first time accessing the UV Online Office, you must accept the terms of use and the data protection policy to access the application.

3. Trouble ticket

Please contact entreu@uv.es to inform of a technical problem. Our technical support service will contact you as soon as possible.